March 18, 2012

Card Reading for Week of March 21st

We are officially into spring! Finally! Budding flowers, warmer weather, blue skies, crumbling towers...wait, what?! Spring is about renewal, so it makes sense that there would be a breaking down happening at this time to make room for all the new goodness that we all desire. Don't fight it! Don't rail at it and don't try to stop it. That just makes the process that much more difficult. And don't feel trapped by it. That cage is all in your head, morning glories! It's all about attitude and perception, and that is something you can control. Think about those flower buds. They are all tightly wound up when you look at them one day and then the next time you glance at them you see that they've burst open into blooms. And you think, when did that happen? All that energy that they use to blossom open from their wrapped up states is all the energy that results from the breaking down of the barriers, the walls of the tower. The tearing down is necessary for the beauty to be visible. It's that resultant energy that we need to move forward. So when things seem to be changing this week all on their own accord and even when the things that you carefully constructed and planned out seem to be falling by the wayside, be like the Buddha. Go with the flow, get liquid, moooove with it and you won't feel penned up by all of your emotions that wade in. Hang out a bit with all you're feeling before reacting, don't jump immediately off the hot seat. Get the broad picture of things. And then you will be able to act. It just might be that something wonderful will fall into your outstretched cup. You won't know if it is not there to catch it.