March 28, 2012

Card Reading for Week of March 29th

This week I asked about our physical bodies and it looks like we're all a bit too much in our heads right now. Squirrely thoughts, circuitous analysis, this kind of mental activity just drains us and we don't really get to any conclusion we feel comfortable with anyway. We need to draw that excess of energy in our minds down into our bodies where it can be grounded and we can become more centered. To do this, try a little bit of activity instead of sitting there chewing on the problem you're trying to solve. Maybe the activity is simply putting yourself into a task that needs to be done, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom. Maybe it's letting out a little creative energy by doing some drawing, writing, creating in the kitchen. Or maybe it's just going outside and taking a walk around the block. If I were to assign an appropriate yoga pose, I'd go with navasana (boat pose). Bring your awareness to your stomach, and use fire to pull the excess energy to your core. Whatever you do, this little bit of action will bring a more structured focus to your thoughts. And you'll swiftly start to get back your pointed mental clarity, the mind that is your friend~decisive and clear and able to come to aware conclusions. So just drop the issue and back away. It'll be ok, man. 

ps ~ It looks like 30 Rock prescribes to this very same idea of taking a pause for better effect! The Shower Principle. Tell us about it Jack.