April 5, 2012

Card Reading for Week of April 5th

They say that the full moon makes people act crazy. There's the potential for some howling and our dreams can be one wild ride. As we enter the full moon this week, I have an invitation for you~don't dismiss the strangeness. Watch your nighttime dreams and your daydreams and thoughts like you are sitting in a movie theater and they're images projected on to a screen. You get to observe them, detached, not be an integral part of them. Try this separation for a little while. Step back from being the censor cutting out what doesn't seem appropriate~just let whatever wants to play on that screen play on to its end. It's this way that you'll be able to find a better balance in yourself and not feel so off kilter with your emotions. They well up, you watch them with eyes wide open until they're done washing over you. It's in this way you can leave behind what is dead weight. By being the clear observer~you give the deep-seated emotions a chance to find their way to the surface and from there, they can be released for good. You'll be able to walk away much lighter, free and clear and balanced. What space you opened up in yourself through this process will  then be able to be filled with a new loving and healing flow that wants to make its way to you. Make room for it by cleansing out the old in this way. It will be worth the effort required to stand back and just let the movie play in your own head without dismissing it as simple illusion. No ratings to hold you back, no cuttings on the projection room floor. Pure vision that brings understanding and flow right into your being.