April 19, 2012

Card Reading for Week of April 19th

All major arcana cards came up this week~the universe is speaking to all our bigger picture paths. The growth of our individual spirits, the reason we are here on this Earth. The wheel is turning, we are progressing, moving right along on our paths. Sometimes this movement can bring discomfort as change can make us feel uncomfortable in our own skins. Spirit is giving us a boost here. Embrace all the abundance around us this week, radiating in the liberation that we are being offered by the turn of the wheel. Move with a fluidity and allow yourself to be as open as possible to all that is around you. The more available you make yourself to the wealth that is already there, the more space you are creating to allow more to flow in to you. You water crops to make them grow. You water them in drought, using all your reserves because you know they need it to survive and because you believe that there will be more water on its way to replace what you need to take. When those crops are grown, you harvest them and let them feed you in many ways. It's a cycle. If you hoarded them away selfishly, starving yourself and others, they would wither and die. If you didn't pick them from your field, they would go to seed without nourishing you as part of their life cycle. Don't let the fear that you will go without keep you from enjoying what is there to serve you. To keep the ground fertile, to keep nurturing your self, partake of the stores knowing that you will again be provided for because you do this. Share what you have, don't skimp. The sun enters Taurus today. Sit and make yourself comfortable in your bright and luscious garden of spring. Let yourself be warmed by the suns rays, be rested, be fed and be satiated. Allow yourself this time to be nurtured, to be uplifted by the promise that is there, so that you can be reborn into this new level of evolution ready to keep on keeping on.