April 25, 2012

Card Reading for April 24th

Oh to be a kid again! How many times have you sighed that to yourself or out loud to a friend when watching children frolic and play without a care in the world? Well, you can. Embody that childlike spirit this last week in April. Allow yourself to play a little more, be more open to adventure, strike out with this attitude of "hey, that could just be fun!" and have that be your only reason to do it. Look at the Death card above. The kid has it right. He offers flowers to the big bad skeleton because he knows there's nothing to fear. At all. He offers his shell of ego to man on horseback willingly because the child is simply wise by virtue of his innocence. The little sprite of a being knows intuitively that he'll be more free to move, be liberated and yes, happier, if he doesn't fight the messenger of this change. By taking his cue and allowing our ego skin to slough off we are entering a new phase of evolution. We are bringing enlightenment to ourselves. We are allowing for change. That's what Death is here~change. Individual change on a deep level. Our floral gesture now will come back to us. We give ourselves to healing arms and create the opportunity to receive much much more.