May 4, 2012

Card Reading for Week of May 4th

It's time to shake off the cobwebs and free your self up to join the dance, already in progress. Maybe you think you don't know the steps. Maybe you feel like you've forgotten how to get your groove on. Or, you believe there isn't a rhythm to follow. That beat is there. It's pulsing all around you and INSIDE you. It's by tapping into that vibe that you can give form to your fears and anxieties. By giving them shape, you take away any power they have over you. That scary blob in the corner of your room turns into a shirt draped over a chair. The monster disappears. Clarity returns as does the sense of peace and calm you crave. In that place where deep breath returns, you'll feel the rhythm  grow and you won't be able to resist its intoxicating energy. Your inner spirit will respond in ways that you never thought possible and from that point you'll move with grace and fluidity. Not just coming into the middle of the dance floor from your perch, my wallflowers, but walking through the walls like they don't even exist and coming inside from the cold to be a part of something beautiful and wondrous. Once you begin to tap into the natural beat all around you it will always stay with you. Your body and spirit will remember it and recognize it. Like a memory, the movement of the dance will return when you most need to feel the freedom.