May 11, 2012

Card Reading for week of May 11th

We are firmly planted in taurus this week. And we are being asked to fully understand what it means to be the master of our earthly domain. Take a good, hard look at what you cultivate around you. Turn it over in your hands, take stock of what all went into building it, growing it, nourishing it. Like in every seed there is already a blueprint for the tall tree, what you manifest has within it all the possibilities from the start. There is no surprise what grows. An acorn gives an oak. What you see growing in front of you is the direct result of what you planted, of what you put into it. Maybe it has gotten a little out of hand, as we left it to grow on its own for too long.. Maybe it's time for a little pruning, a little correction to get it back on track. Don't be afraid of this stage. The limbs you cut down could warm you by making a little fire. Then you won't feel so cold and feel as if you are just on the fringes of your very own garden. The work isn't all done yet. You don't just get to stand there and watch the bugs crawl over your blossoms and throw up your hands and say, oh well. You planted that tree for a reason. Take care of it. Make the decisions that need to be made for the good of the tree ~ you can give even more fruitful life to what you are trying to grow by giving it space to spread wide or trimming off the diseased parts before it spreads. This is what it means to be the boss. To sit so solidly in your thriving garden, you have to know when and how to wield the right tools to greatest effect. 

                           The Garden of Earthly Delights
                           Hieronymus Bosch