May 21, 2012

Card Reading for Week of May 21st

1st day of Gemini and we are already getting just a taste of what we are in for this month. Train our eyes everyone, we're going to school. Keep watch and take now a stance of observation so you don't miss a thing. We are going to be learning as we go along. Every step of the way this month will be rich with insight, and we don't want to miss it. Healing is the aim. Keep that close to your heart. Everything we move through, all the ups and downs in the roller coaster ride ahead of us, is to create balance and harmony in the end and on a deep and lasting level as it will come from the inside out. Ripples from our subconscious will edge their way to the surface. The dried, shriveled up plains of our past have a chance to be renewed here. The 4 cards above speak in many levels. This is just a hint at the kind of work that has the possibility to take place during the airy season of Gemini. Many layers of meaning can be traveled through on any one turn of the clock hand. Starting with this New Moon. Embrace the dark. Befriend it. It's an entre into your past, present and future.

Unbuckle up! Don't strap yourselves in! We're in for a wonderfully bumpy ride~