May 28, 2012

Card Reading for the week of May 28th

Has your pilot light been lit yet? That's what the winds of Gemini are doing. They set things in motion in this particular way if you are open to it. The breath of fresh air will ignite the ember inside your belly and before you know it, you have this chance at a new start, a creative beginning. It's ok that you do not know exactly where you are headed yet with this burgeoning. That kind of consciousness can come later. You don't even have to act on that notion. This is about acknowledging that the desire is there. And about saying YES. You are being called upon, adventurers~actually, you are being triple dogged dared. The winds of spirit are dangling this magic wand in front of you like a carrot to entice you and prod you out of your complacent seat. You can sit there stubborn and defiant, holding yourself away from the wealth of what is surrounding you, pretending that you already have it all figured out OR you can begin to interact with it. It's about seeking knowledge and not the book kind. Delve into your self and get in touch with your own higher wisdom. Seeking is the action behind that wand/carrot/invitation. It's the verb that is most important. Dive into your inner recesses to dig out the fleshy pulp of your being, embrace all that you find, bring them to light, and let them spill forth like the seeds of a pomegranate. All those little seeds are kernels of self truth that are but a doorway into a bigger world. By letting yourself sift like this, you are allowing for the opportunity to get at your essence. That nugget can then be your new seed to sow in the world. You can manifest something new and different. It's attaining something tangible, workable, REAL out of who you are at your core, what you are made of. And because what you bring forth to live is composed of you, it will be true and whole and honest. But it starts first with the diving into the waters. No more sitting on your raft on the surface. Dip your toe. Give your face a little splash. And then slip underneath the surface to be cleansed and polished. The work you do now will bear its own fruit.

"Truly, it did not look far. Mary had rowed on the Avon, and as a child in Yorkshire had pottered in boats on the river Swale. But once set adrift, she noticed immediately that the sea was not a still English river on a hot summer day. The water was black and choppy. Little whitecaps lapped the sides of the rowboat, spilled over. She could imagine sinking down, not to the refuge of some civilized Atlantis, but to all the mythical horrors of nautical superstition--snakes and beasts, whirlpools and maelstroms."
~excerpt from Vindication by Frances Sherwood
a historical fiction of the life of Mary Wollstonecraft, author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman