June 4, 2012

Look up. Think lofty thoughts. Live among the clouds where the air is fresh and cool and the sight is crisp and clear. Lift your eyes and spirit to meet that of the divine. And then look in the mirror and recognize that the divine resides in you. It's a part of you, not separate. Both around you and of you. They are one and the same. Look up to a higher wisdom, hear the inspiring call. The Eagle is there to remind us of this, bring it home. In the native culture, he is the Great Spirit embodied. He flies high to see all, the bigger picture and thus has clarity of vision. We are being asked to rise up and see from this high altitude, engage with the greater wisdom and then embody it at a deep level. If we can connect with this knowing, pull it into ourselves, we will have a great strength~we'll feel it at our very core. Then, when you are that centered, have all that wisdom with you, you cannot be knocked off balance so easily. No matter what the terrain, no matter how unstable the environment, or rocky the transition, you will be able to move steadily in the direction you face and not be thrown off your gait. You won't have to fight to stay on your feet. Don the higher wisdom like you would your 'thinking cap' and know what it's like to move with grace and a more effortless certainty. It's a transformation worth working for.

"Gonna rise up and find my direction magnetically." ~Eddie Vedder