June 12, 2012

Retreat. Cut yourself loose from whatever tether is pulling you outward and sit safely with yourself in your own internal garden. From this sacred place you can hear all that you need to hear from your higher self and be able to let it sink in, not pushing it away, not even interacting with it yet. Just beginning the process of listening. Be calm and go inward, wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket of your own nurturing. Do this by retreating into your home instead of filling up every moment of the day with activity. Do this by sinking deeper into your self while out and about. It's an inward posture, a safe and secure garden that you can take with you. When you know you are in a safe place, then you can Let the wisdom pierce your armor. Let it in to your depths. This abundance of acknowledgement might bring a little pain, a little heartache. But when those swords are then released from your heart, that's when there is space for a rich, healing flow to make its way in. And that, my friends, is a luxurious wondrous feeling that should not be missed. Free and liberated now, you will know a true bliss. Worth the process to get there, I promise.