June 21, 2012

Ahh the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year, how glorious! But wait, what's that you say? Oh yes, that is true. Some of us only focus on the part that now with each day, the length of daylight will start to decrease little by little until we find ourselves in the cooler darker months of fall and winter. Do not feel captive by this instinct to fixate on this cup-half-empty perspective! Allow yourself to sit more comfortably in your insight. Be at peace with this fact. It is only that, a tidbit of scientific information. So let's approach it from a different direction. Instead of a linear timeline that starts with mucho sun hours dwindling down to darker winter days (waaayyyyyy down the pike here), imagine, if you will, a circle. Here we are perched at the top of this circle, perfectly balanced and happy in our posture. We can continue this upright, elevated ride all along the cycle of sunrises and sunsets until the next solstice which is directly opposite us on this circle path at the moment. The circle of our planet moves, but we stay on top, riding hiiiighhhh, enjoying the sites and experiencing all to the fullest as we are only focused on the present that surrounds us. We bring the light with us. We soak it in, nestle it in our hearts, store it in our very cells. Just like a child would safe-keep a winter snowball in the freezer to toss at a friend on a hot July day. We'll be able to break out this source of warmth whenever we so desire! It's a state of mind we're preserving. It can't go bad, stinking things up, growing mold, if we are careful caretakers. We have nothing at all to fear or worry over. Our cups do in fact runneth over. And they can continue to do so at any point during the year, scientific measurement of sunlight be damned. Make the choice to focus on this approach, this stance that can correct the most dismal of outlooks and always have access to these never-ending sources of healing. Remain victorious as you ride off into the sunset of another summer.