June 29, 2012

I specifically asked today about how to deepen our paths, walk a little more firmly, with more purpose. The first step to make this happen isn't a step with the foot at all but a decision, a frame of mind that is "less framed". By even just thinking that you know it all already, you are keeping yourself from moving forward on an evolutionary scale. You're stealing your own clarity, sucking the air right out of your own lungs. You can't speak without air. You can't live without oxygen. The form your thoughts make are at that point a binding structure allowing you to placate yourself into thinking you are unable to move. So don't let your mind hold you captive. Make the decision to turn your back on those limiting thoughts and look directly at a new horizon. See the wide open expanse once the blindfold is removed. There's an abundance of opportunity. Many a direction in which to GO. Break the cycle of believing you have it all figured out, that you have accomplished all, won all the trophies, "I've gone as far as I can go, I am full, couldn't possible drink from another cup." harumph. That's just 9 of cups, baby. There's still room to maneuver before everything solidifies in 10. And 10 of cups...hooo doggies!   I'll meet you there for the party.