July 6, 2012

The sun is seducing us with her warm, penetrating glow. She willfully is attempting to take charge and lead us on the path of her own burning desires. And she's enticing, that little minx of a temptress...how we love her fire. I advise taking a breather before careening headlong onto her forged path. Take in the full expanse of the view that is now being illuminated by taking a beat to remain in observation mode. There's no rush. There does not need to be this press to enjoy all you can rightthisverysecond. It's easy to get burnt that way. And who wants a sunburn? So don't let the heat overpower you or suffocate you. Let yourself sit and revel in the moment. Be fully present. Be firm in your knowledge that this day is the best day because it is today. It's not about "have to enjoy it while it lasts." It's all about, "it is here. I will enjoy it." Correct your point of view. Sip from the "cup that is half full". Quench any parchness as you allow yourself to sit with the full weight of that wisdom now in your lap for just a few moments. Letting it really sink in and become a part of you will allow you to move more weightlessly when you do stand up to go. Light will be your footsteps. Airy will be the climate with plenty of oxygen to breathe as you look up instead of plodding along under a fiery glare. Movement will then be happy-go-lucky and instinctual. The sun will be at your back lighting your way and not in front of your eyes blinding you as you go. A subtle but important distinction. Enjoy summer on your own terms!