July 21, 2012

Cut yourselves free with a swift movement of your sword. That sword is your clarity. That sword gives you vision. It's your tool to find freedom from that which binds you. There's an ending upon you and it's time to start fresh. Let yourself be lifted up so you can see a new path. So you can recognize the magic all around you. If you have been led to determine that magic has an end, you simply need to get up off of your knees and look up to find the divine. Raise yourself up. Do it literally if you need to. Hike up a mountain, walk up the highest hill in your neighborhood and turn around to see the great expanse unfold below you. This path you walk, and there are many that each of us can choose from, is beautiful and transformative. Or it could be. No matter where you find yourself at this very moment, choose to take a breath at this point and look around. Feel the brisk air. Touch that tree. Watch that bird flying up above. Marvel at a slug working its methodical way across the sidewalk. Don't close your eyes to a thing on this journey. Each seemingly little thing can be rich with wisdom, chock full of insight. Open yourself up, turn yourself around, release yourself from your own overgrown dogma that keeps you tied up like prickly overgrown vines. Vitality is needed now. A sassiness is helpful at this point. Feel yourself begin to burgeon with a vivacious energy that will keep you moving forward in your chosen direction. You are being invited into a magical and creative world filled with wonders and bliss. To step through the looking glass, all you have to do is open up to the possibility that there is indeed more than what is dictated to you. Simply recognize spirit in all that you see, including yourself, and you will be rewarded with an inspiration, exciting, fresh and virile, that is but a spark of what you will finally create.