July 29, 2012

I picked cards asking, what does Leo want for us this week. The Lion does not quibble in its response and wants us to direct our fire willingly and decisively. You are where you are. There's no lamenting it and no fighting it. Be present and simply sit with the weight of the moment. Let it fill you with promise instead of dread. Don't be resistant. Stubborn. Stiff and unyielding. Take a minute and fully process without pulling away from it all. Embrace. Realize it is your very own self that you are holding in your hands. And then you can act in the way that is best for you. That profound you, your light, your spirit nestled down inside. Use your actions to make the necessary corrections that you now see are clearly staring you in the face. It's like pruning a tree to allow it to grow taller and fuller, letting that tree reach its fullest capacity, stretch for the highest heights and live in all its glory. Any cups spilled in the process of making alterations may just be necessary. Don't turn your fire into fighting the process, you'll soon find yourself spent of energy. Be indefatigable by keeping your attention on the whys. The reasons for such trimming. Consider the spillage as nourishment for your growth. Watering the tree. Even if it's with blood or tears. It's serving you in ways you might not know at this time. Each drop a lesson that you will use to evolve and reach the next level. Let yourself grieve in this process as you also trust that you are responding to your higher wisdom, continue to set your gaze upward. You aren't being selfish or hurtful as you do this. You are fighting for your greater good. You are responding to that little voice inside you that yearns to be heard. You have to heed that call. It's the difference between LIVING and merely surviving. BEING or just existing. Lift yourself up and become fully saturated with yourself~be as highly chromatic as is possible. This bliss that you start to feel as you act on behalf of yourself will feed you, keep the fires stoked. Your own energy will beget more of your own energy. Revel in it. Stand up for your self and open your arms wide to the future that you wish to cultivate, honoring your deepest roots. Moving from that steadfast truth can only lead to good. And that includes a big picture good as all you enlightened and bright beings then begin wielding your pure and powerful magic out there in the world!

I Me Mine ~ The Beatles 

No one's frightened of playing it
Everyone's saying it
Flowing more freely than wine
All through the day I me mine