August 22, 2012

Wisdom by Element

(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

First steps into Virgo from Leo might feel a little wobbly. Go into the transition from fire to earth with a gentleness like you are entering a dark forest being guided by the light of only your little lamp. Walk slowly and let yourself get your bearings as you take each step. There's no more of that pushy push to get things done NOW. Let yourself feel the gentle swaying of Virgo that feels a little groovy even. Shes singing her song saying, ooh, baby, ooh, ah,'s alright, we've got time to do it all, relaxxxxx. Let yourself be guided by this nurturing energy. Get into this softer rhythm and find your deep grounding that you can carry with you with as you go on through your week. A steadily burning fire can keep your engine running nice and easy for a long while. It's worth the time it takes to embody the earth's pace. These are lessons that you can pack up and take with you on your bigger-picture journey.

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Don't shoot the messenger swimmers. Earth doesn't have to be the bane of your existence. It doesn't mean you have to stop solid. So don't fight this new pull of gravity that comes today with the introduction of Virgo. Take a step back from even deciding how to interact with this new element that's influencing your flow. Give yourself a moment to reach higher ground and see the bigger picture of what you're being offered. See a little more clearly how you can integrate a weightiness into your fluidity. Revel in the new meandering pace, feel yourself thicken and gain more body. Become simply more of yourself as your density increases and the movement slackens. You get to be more pulled in, more cohesive, as you fill up spaces and etch your groove into the land. And then give yourself over to Virgo and have fun with seeking a new level that is actually deeper and more grounded. You just might like this new profound ebb that only works to enhance your flow. 

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Perch yourselves on the limb of the nearest tree airbenders and take a bit of a rest. Even Eagle takes the time to feather his nest, seeking solace in the branches and leaves of Mother Earth. Let yourself get fully centered and calm in these first few days of Virgo. Breathe deep, pulling yourself down into your core where your gale can be tamed into a gently swirling and focused wind. Not a breeze, not a tornado, you're going for a middle ground. When you accomplish this, you can move more effectively on your path that you are traveling on this Earth. You won't lose any of your energy searching here and there, blowing all over everywhere. It'll be like puffing away the dust out of every hidden corner of a 3 dimensional road map in front of you and seeing clearly exactly which way to go. There is one path straight up the middle of the Tree of Life, it's called the Path of the Arrow. Sound good to you, air signs? You'll need focus and clarity to ride this arrow up the column of consciousness all the way to the divine. Take the time you are being given now. Be still, gather your strength and listen. You'll know when it's the moment to take flight and you'll be ready and prepared to go when you hear the call.

(Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

All you Earth signs are so happy to be home. Feeling natural in your element, back to being balanced. But hey, that Justice lady up there isn't blindfolded. She's seeing all. This is an invitation to find a new equilibrium, one that takes into consideration your water, aka your heart. This is the perfect time to do this. You're safely ensconced in Virgo here so there's not so much of a risk now. It's like those scales in Justice are your cradle. So let yourself turn fully into yourself Queen of Hearts style. Go deep into your emotions, find where they swim and let them start to surface. Feel how the earth nestles you in her arms, lean into her and then let the waters of the subconscious rise up to where you can begin to integrate it into your daily life. This Queen has one foot on earth, one foot in water. That's the balance to strive for in this cycle of Virgo. Start the communication, sway from one side of the pendulum to the other and experience your own self-loving heart. The Earth has got your back.