August 31, 2012

Much can be communicated by simply finding and maintaining a solid stance this week. I'm talking an internal grounding that's steady and sure, based solely on what's inside. This centeredness will light up the sky like a thunderbird even without you using words to tell your story. It's by cultivating a clear stance from the inside out that you delineate your boundaries. It's not so much about sitting down with anyone tete a tete and explaining ad nauseum the whys and becauses of your decision to either partake of their proffered peace pipe or not. Your energy will resonate from a distance delivering your message loud and clear. Embrace this new language and see how your way is cleared in front of you. This is the way to rid yourself of obstacles to the doors in the walls that you know are there. 

FIRE  (aries, leo, sagittarius)
Take a cool shower fire signs. Your heat can burn the very field you are trying to cultivate if you aren't careful. Stand back and open up to receive a healthy cleansing flow that is there to help you by quenching your thirst. Use your passion in more directed ways by bringing in these other elements to cure and soften. There's time. You're still just working and molding it all at the beginning here, nothing is set in stone just yet. So let things be mutable and malleable at this point. Follow the flow instead of pushing headlong through it and you'll craft what you desire in a more solid, complete way in the end. 

WATER  (pisces, cancer, scorpio)
Put your foot down, walk your walk in a proud and sure way. To do this effectively it will help to keep yourself clear on the "pros" of why you are moving this way. Turn towards the reasons for such a clear marking of your territory. Embody that warrior-like attitude as you make that turning and move out into the world with confidence and certainty. Show them all that water IS formidable and a force to be reckoned with. Be out-wide. No fear. You've got this.

AIR  (aquarius, gemini, libra)
What demons are you trying to exorcise? To be clear in your intentions, you have to first be focused on what the truths are. That means not dismissing outright what seems improbable or illusory at first glance. That's how your intellectual airs can steal your clarity. Embrace a new instinct right now. Take a cue from what wells up from your dark depths and look at them from a deeper point of view than just the rational mind allows. It may be that what is coming up isn't to be pushed away but held close and paid attention to in great detail as the stuff of promising secrets coming to light.

EARTH  (capricorn, taurus, virgo)
Discipline is the word earth movers. This is not stubbornness, but a bearing down~a movement down and in. Your fertile earth is inside you. Hunker down and sift through it. It's only from this place that you will find that nugget of your own truth that you will hurl at the structure keeping you bound, cracking it strategically, prophesying its downfall. The walls were built out of protection, but they're no longer needed and if you look closely, they are already starting to crumble with age. Turn your critical eye inward and know that to do this is the exact nurturing you need and you are the only one to do it.