September 14, 2012

This New Moon in Virgo is talking about balance. The weight of the darkness is an invitation to honor our highest selves by listening to the sweet song of our wisdom from within. This choice to lift your gaze in itself helps to stabilize your base and will create a sturdy point to move from when you do feel compelled to get going. But that's not now. Now is for remaining stationary. So your first balanced action is one of inaction. Remaining high with eyes open, let yourself embody what victorious feels like first in all its entirety. Revel in the moment of finding and having your scales perfectly aligned. And then you'll be able to propel yourselves forward with a defined direction. Moving like a chariot with the sonorous notes of your created harmony echoing around you like your own personal soundtrack.

FIRE  (aries, leo, sagittarius)
With the dark sky, stars will be plentiful up above. Bring each glistening spark close to your ear and listen to the stories they have to tell you about yourself. Receive your illumination from out of the black. Each tidbit given to you is a gift for you only. A secret being revealed. Allow them to nestle deep within your heart so that all their wisdom can be understood and absorbed. Be silent and listen. You are being brought back to your very essence.

WATER  (pisces, cancer, scorpio)
Surrender now fishes. Open up the dams and let it alll floooow. Now is the time to just let yourself feel whatever it is that has been brimming at your edges. Set yourself up in a comfy spot, lay yourself down and be cleansed by all that washes over, in, and out of you. The ritual will revive you and replenish your soil leaving you more available and green for more planting. 

AIR  (aquarius, gemini, libra)
Focusing on a project will be most helpful to you at this time archers. It will channel your creative fires and give you an outlet rather than letting you steal your own thunder. Get lost in that delicious task. Dive in completely and let your animal nature take over. You'll emerge feeling more "with it" and less flighty.

EARTH  (capricorn, taurus, virgo)
Chill out and kick back. Get your heads as close to the ground as possible earthlings and reconnect. Let the earth drain you of all your frenetic mind twirlings and bring your entire body into ease. This is not the time to be master of all. Relinquish this role and all that goes with it, including any anxiety to do so. Open up all your chakra points to let in the divine word. Sink into the cradle the earth provides, detach and remain still. Listen. And then listen some more. Let the vibrations travel through you and be grounded in the earth below. This is how your razor-sharp gaze is honed once again.