September 21, 2012

The Fall Equinox and moving into Libra breathes into our lives a briskness that has the possibility to refresh and renew. The very air heralds a break from past held truths that kept us bound and speaks to us like smoke signals off in the distance. We are to expand our repertoire. Open up to new ways of seeing and hearing. This is the way to staying the course as the Libra winds of autumn start to propel us along, billowing our sails, injecting us with a new purpose. This transition is profound and should be honored. Stay with it in all it's glory. Keep moving with it and learn from it. Like learning a new language, you'll emerge from the turbulent studious pace fluent in your new tongue.

FIRE  (aries, leo, sagittarius)
Action Jacksons that you are fire signs, with your head down focused on only the small details you are missing that bigger picture, even losing clarity on why you are so focused in the first place. Joy. Happiness. Fun. Don't forget these parts. They are an important part of the equation that will bring about your desired solution. By burning the candle at both ends and not taking time to stop and smell the roses, you're actually drying out the garden you are trying to grow. Surrender a little more this week and hang out. Laugh and be merry. Then see how you turn with renewed vigor to your work and watch the magic happen.

WATER  (pisces, cancer, scorpio)
Wow are you amazing at letting things slide off your backs! Your very bodies are smooth operating digesting machines of both food and energy. The masters of going with the flow that you are, it sometimes is necessary to consciously halt that log flume ride and let things sit with you a little more to get the abundance of wisdom that is coming through you. Hold in your very body that which is seeking you out. Don't dismiss it so easily and don't be anxious about it! Keep it close, cradling it in your heart center and core. Take a look at it all. Observe and visualize all that is there. There's a wealth of information to be had. It will open doors and illuminate corners of yourself and the world out your door.

AIR  (aquarius, gemini, libra)
Start moving with a confident air about you. Cycles are meant to be broken and it's within your power to make those changes and move with a certainty that is influencing and inspiring. Your air can sometimes get in the way and stop this movement. Being too judgmental and uppity about the "correct" move or the "best" way cuts through the forward momentum like those ginsu knives through aluminum cans. And then you find yourself locked back in your spiraling mental cycle of delusion. Keep hopping. Keep taking those steps and let things happen. Moving with clarity does not mean questioning every part of the way. Then you are simply running in circles. Use the breath of Libra air this week to help you step out into a brave new world. 

EARTH  (capricorn, taurus, virgo)
Being stable like the earth does not mean you are immutable. Your steadiness and ability to be firm in your convictions can help you to delve into your subconscious where all the deepest darkest parts of your self reside. Sit back and be weighty in your decision to let that water seep up through the cracks and move over you. Let those emotions work their magic in creating fissures through your earthy crust. That water is rich with knowledge and is capable of eroding your dry protective layers away to reveal the new, fresh and green skin underneath. It's getting a fresh start. It's being cleansed in a way you have never known before. It's taking yourself back to the time of your conception where you were centered and a brand new bright-eyed babe. Receive the healing being offered to you. It will quench your thirst. 

The power of wind