October 21, 2012

The macrocosm is gathering, pulling itself in. This weighty coalescing is nature's way of preparing for transformation. From the firmness of the mountain will roll off small boulders, knocking loose more and more detritus, revealing veins of healing water, the blood-essence of the earth. Each crumble to the confining structure lets loose a trickle of truth that over time will grow in intensity and power. Embrace this release and follow the flow growing in intensity and power that eventually leads to calmer and more nourishing waters where all wounds will be cleansed and all of nature's rhythms will be restored.

Your balance will be found by making the choice to look inward. Close your eyes and tuck your chin~gaze into your deepest crevices. There you will find the courage you need and what exactly you are asking for. It is not a gift to be bestowed to you from another, someone on the outside. It is to be touched upon by your own hand, gotten from your own soul. Let there be room for organic movement~lay off the gas and toss out the unfinished map you are using. Tap into your internal GPS and your propulsion will feel more natural and more fulfilling, restoring the spring to  your step. 

You are upon your AHA moment. Much can be revealed to you if you open your eyes and turn around so all is within your view. Daydream through the opportunities as they are brought up to you. Sit with them and turn them over in your hands and heart to fully appreciate the richness they offer. Make your best decision from this point of beatific wonder. Rub away the crust from your eyes and gaze up, smile and extend a hand to the change that can be yours.

Let loose. Open up the flood gates. Run wild and howl. Too much is being pent up in an effort to conserve energy. This is actually what is tiring you out and keeping you out of your body. It's a closed circuit that is becoming stifled with you removed, on the outside. You can transform this however. Spin like a child just to feel dizzy. Dance wildly to a favorite tune. The smile that turns up your lips will encourage that tinman exterior to crackle and fall away. Let go of all form for once and enliven yourself by drinking from the cup of sweet liberation. Quench your thirst by embracing your very watery nature.

Drop the false bravado. Not only is the braggadoccio not getting you anywhere, it's taking you off track. You're missing the flow by pushing and trying to hard. It's like carrying your canoe on your back as you walk uphill by the very stream that could carry you effortlessly on its currents to the fertile oasis at the end. So stop being so set in your ways and simply be open. Open your eyes to the wealth and abundance that IS all around you already and it will become available to you. Just like that.

It's ok. Let yourself feel the pain. By allowing yourself to fully see what your loss is and cry the cleansing tears you can begin to move that mass laying heavy inside you. That heaviness of past hurt can then make its way up and out on the current of healing waters. Allow the correction to take place and bring a harmony back into your body that was taken from you. Let it all come to an end, it's time. Swim in the deep wise wound and then dry yourself in the hopeful rays of the newly dawning day and be brought back to life.

This instinct of yours to use your energy to keep yourself removed from all that is happening around you and inside of you is without the necessary clarity attached. But as you know, you can stop it at any time. There is so much more joy for you to experience! Revel in your current position, find the positives and be ecstatic in them. This is utilizing your vision in ways that transform you for all that is good. See your smiling reflection in the mirror rather than using that same looking glass to deflect. Become part of the celebration of life and be uplifted where the crisp clear air invigorates rather than chills.

Your mind may be lulled to an ease by your concentrated diligence as you dive headlong into work, but it is this uni-focus that is actually making you lose the sense of the big picture and why you are working so hard. There's more abundance to be enjoyed and your career-driven pursuits are keeping you from that dance of happiness. Move away from being a wallflower for a little while and begin to experience the emotion of life. See how it can nurture you in some powerful ways. Embrace this idea of learning as you move and you'll bring all that renewed vigor back to your work, enhancing it even more than if you kept your nose to the grindstone without a break.

Let your passionate spark keep guiding you. Your willingness to be bold and adventurous is lighting up the world and bringing you closer to finding your balance. Each inspiration ignites a heretofore unseen corner and broadens your scope. You just may find your partner-in-justice in the process. Allow yourself this freedom of movement right now. Being too firm in putting your foot down is the only thing that will steal your own thunder. Be out wide and let life happen and enjoy the ride.

It's all about taking in the larger aspects of things right now. Be wide in your gaze and face fully that broad horizon. See it all, remember the big picture of what you are doing and regain your strength in this pregnant pause. When you can see beyond the blinders, you realize that you don"t have to knock down that wall because there is a door just to the right of it. This ability to take a step back will pull you back from the brink of your anxieties and break the self-feeding cycle you find yourself in. Then you can let go of your suffocating hold and have a hand free to receive what is being offered to you.

The gift is truly in the present. Embrace the cliche for it is true this week. Hang out in the light of what is being shown to you. linger. Engage in the daydreaming a little more openly. Whether it is a bauble in your hands, a thought in your mind or a feeling in your heart, keep it close and revel in it. Experience it fully. Become entranced in its many facets. There's more to it than meets the eye. Be languid in your dream space as that is how your conscience self will find its fuel to keep on keeping on.

You are fighting the good fight. Remember that as you take your licks. It's all for your benefit so even when something gets cut off and you're left bleeding, know it was necessary to let it go to almost physically maintain your balance and clarity. Whatever needs to be pruned, let go, cut off completely- be it person, place or thing- do it. It will open you up and clear out space for a much needed lightness. It will set you free to be and move in a more complete manner.

Take a moment to stand back and allow the crisp air in the space created to bring you more clarity. Being detached will give you the confidence to move forward with certainty that what you are leaving behind was no longer to be nourished and cultivated--you have reached the end of your responsibility to it and for it. Make the decision to remove yourself from the interaction and keep your vision honed and intact as a result. Marking this clear boundary now will only continue to serve you and your path.