November 2, 2012

An ending so there can be a new beginning ~ we've come full circle. A path as round as the sun that will greet our new day and a journey as rich in potential as the inside of the new seed to be planted. The weighty hold onus had to be broken. The chasm had to be ripped open to bring life-giving oxygen to a stagnant resource. Let the depleted musty air move past you as the sarcophagus lid is lifted. Then open your eyes and see all the dust in the air as it is captured in rays of light. Our deepest folds are warming to the sun for the first time. Each sparkly speck we see is a nugget of truth that will give us balance and strength.

Don't fear the reaper. Secret: He's not all that scary. Tra-la-la-ing around, turning your head and playing that kid's game of "I can't see you, I can't see you" is only delaying what is inevitable anyway. Be childlike, but in the most positive ways. Open up and let your own vibrancy shed the light you need. My 2-1/2 year old niece showed fearlessness one Halloween, walking into a pitch black backyard without thinking twice. As she disappeared into the dark, we just sat marveling at her courage. Cloak yourself in that bravado, you'll love the way it feels on you.

Brrrr, it's chilly where you sit. Your crystal clear detachment does allow you to see with perfect clarity but now show us how you can melt the ice around your vision and let sink in the necessary wisdom. You're not an equestrian in competition on the obstacle course. It's not how fast you change direction or how high you make the jumps. Each "obstacle" is actually something to be viewed from the inside out and not evaded. Take more time to do this. Embrace this phase of cultivation. From your text-book understanding can grow solutions.

You are a great lookout. Your eyes are peeled and you remain vigilant in locating that bright side that you just know is bound to be there. You are leaving no stone unturned in your quest to find it. But just like that time you misplaced your keys and turned your place over in chaos to turn them up, it's in the moment you stop and pause that you'll have that lightbulb moment of knowing of exactly where to turn to find them. Ease up on the searching. You know it's there. Once you stop regulating the time frame, you'll find yourself already in the midst of the very relief you were seeking.

Pull your energy in a bit. Use that confidence you so easily exude to turn inward with a certainty you will find the wisdom you need right now. There's a more stable balance to be had. Your fires will do more if they are given this moment to be held in a steady container. Think earth-dug firepit rather than rip-roaring bonfire. Your over-action isn't actually helping. It's more like you are taking your torch meant to light your way and sticking it in the very spokes of the bicycle you are currently riding. Slow down and you won't topple onto the pavement.

Here's the deal, to make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs. So to stay on track bulls, take charge and head into that china shop knowing what you are willing to sacrifice. And then knock it off that shelf. It's the kinetic energy that is released from the passive state that will give you your needed momentum. This is the way to take responsibility for yourself and your role by demonstrating your willingness to LET THINGS HAPPEN. 

You know, as creepy as those twins in The Shining were, they had their shit together. They knew exactly their role and played it well. No vascillating. No qualms. They maintained their stance and committed, even in the face of disbelievers. That's the lesson for you here. Own where you find yourself. And stand by your decisions that brought you there. Make your indelible mark by this single, focused action. 

When you add heat to water, you know that you excite it and boil it away. When you want to make water rigid, you know you freeze it. You have demonstrated how you are clear on how to manipulate your own element. Take a break from mastering and dictating just how you are going to be at any given moment. Left to its own devices, water will seek its own level. Do yourself that same favor. Let things marinade and hang out instead of hanging on. Watch at how things work themselves out a bit on their own. You get to conserve your energy (which is what you needed all along) and get the clarity you were seeking without any unnecessary rigamarole. Nice.

So much to do, so little time. Ok, so you have your list. Lists can be good. If used wisely. It's not about conquering the list of tasks in one fell swoop. Don't be overwhelmed by its breadth and length. Take each item as it comes. Focus all your energy into that one thing and only that one thing. You'll soon find that you have completed your chores in no time AND you still have gas in your tank. That's the secret of this way. By concentrating your fires, you're keeping them burning steadily, no risk of the flames being blown out. 

Get your groove on. Let things move. Resources need to be replenished and waste needs to be moved on out. Think micro/macrocosm here. As above, so below. So as you drink lots of fluids and initiate a physical body cleansing, mirror this in your movements in the outside world. Be swift and chill in your attitude and interactions. It's a detox on inner and outer planes that's called for to maintain clarity and be restored in your vigor. 

Your focus is to found in the myriad of hats you are required to don at any given time. Celebrate your jack-of-all-trades attributes. You bring much to the table and that kind of versatility is to be lauded and appreciated. Your ability to offer what is needed at the moment it is needed is what most nourishes others right now and is also what keeps your own garden fertile and abundant. One begets the other.

You're working hard and may feel weighed down by your efforts. It's important to take breathers and get the nourishment you need. Even dolphins that live in the water that feeds, propels and houses them must exit the depths and come up for air before plunging happily back in. Being disciplined in your own caretaking will insure that your own personal garden (i.e. your body) doesn't suffer even as you tend to the world garden. Both can flourish at the same time.

Steady as she goes. When she goes. Which isn't quite at this moment. All the forward movement you desire is held within this expectant pause. Firm up your stance. Keeping your posture secure and solid in this period of solace is helping to generate a flow that will pretty literally open doors. You remain poised now so that when those doors open, you won't be jarred by the swiftly entering brisk air. Prepared and alert, you'll be ready for action.