November 16, 2012

This week there will be a notable pause in operations as families and friends come together at the table. This is the space that is necessary to give big picture vision and allow all those on the ship to turn towards the very horizon to which we are sailing~have been setting sail, for quite a while. The port is nigh. The docking at our new destination is upon us. This is the moment to marvel at all that was accomplished to get us here. All the barriers that were in fact not insurmountable and were broken down to open up the new path. The release from the barricade feels like a woosh of air on our faces as the ships gain momentum with the force behind it. It's an amazing time ahead. Momentum that is attached to perfect clarity. A sharp honed eye that is guided by deep and profound wisdom. A wisdom that is old and latent. This is history recreating itself. This is the opportunity to rewrite wrongs and move forward our fates in positive ways. That part will be understood more later. First step, Stop. Turn over this moment like a rock in your hand and really SEE all the myriad of facets being presented. It tells of our journey as a people. It depicts all the trials, tribulations and triumphs. To acknowledge it now so pointedly will free us up to embrace the very wisdom we shirked so long ago with no regret or admonishment.

As earth people, you know instinctively how to be grounded. This is a good thing. Until it prevents you from taking those necessary leaps of faith at times. You are upon one of those times. Jump. What you can't see through the low-lying clouds is that by sitting still, you are holding yourself away from a change that will feel like you just sipped from a cup holding ambrosia, the nectar of the gods. So dive in. The result is that actually you'll find yourself landing in a place that makes you feel even more internally grounded. Your centeredness comes with you and in this case, will be enhanced. Just remember that when you take to your feet and alley-oop. 

Just start moving. That's the way to integrate your new-found loosey-goosey attitude into your already-in-progress daily life. Even if you aren't too sure of this new liberated, balls-out way of being. Think of yourself as the resident doctor and your life is the hospital. You will learn by doing. And the way to keep yourself balanced as you take these new steps like a babe just learning to walk~keep making the choice to turn to the positives. You might make a mistake, but actively decide to see the progress you made. Keep your chin up to this elevated way of thinking and before long, you'll be the attending physician over the new recruits.

What aren't you allowing in fish-heads? What is it that you aren't opening up to receive? All your over-confidence and maneuvers to keep yourself afloat are making it so that you are always one step ahead, BUT it also means you aren't being satiated in ways that would help you. Press the pause button, and actually rewind some. Look at what is in your wake and use your fishing net to retrieve what was lost on your journeying. Hold it close to you and stay put for awhile to let it dry off completely. When it does, you'll see that it is a necessary component to the new contract you are writing with yourself and the world at large.
Be mindful of what is happening when your back is turned. This doesn't mean get in there and mix things up with the thievers of clarity, that will just drain your reserves and get you all bound up in their chaos. Which is what they want. Be completely present and see the circumstances for exactly what they are. Use this knowledge to keep yourself above the lowly trickery and let your elevated stance keep it all at bay. By doing this, remaining on your higher ground with full comprehension, you'll turn the tables, put the naysayers on their knees and you'll be the one doing the schoolin'.

Stop swinging in the wind not going anywhere. Use your toro might to give one more big push to that rope attached to the tree limb and then LET GO and sail through the air to land in the refreshing water of the swimming hole. It will cleanse you, clear out all the cobwebs. With the bite of the brisk plunge will come a nirvana of sorts. Your mind will actually stop cold. You want your brain to be rebooted in this way. That downward spiral of thinking isn't getting you anywhere. By the time you resurface from the waters, you'll open your eyes to a new technicolored expanse where so much more seems possible.

Your holding on to that bruised heart a little too tightly. Not that you aren't rightly hurt. Not at all. But by focusing too narrowly on only the pain, you are missing the relief that can come from letting sink in the wisdom. So open up those arms, start to breathe into that ticker and let yourself RELEASE. Tears and understanding that flow forth will nourish your very being and turn all those unripened fruits you are lamenting into portals of discovery. Each one of those doors has a light shining from behind them. Open one up. Be warmed by what comes to your conscious self and begin to move forward with a flag of victory held high.

You are being offered something entirely new. It's not a thing, but a way. It's an olive branch being extended to you, one that was plucked from a tree and flown to you to show you there's a new land waiting for you. Take this invitation. It's always up to you. But I'm here to tell you that if you can stop being so rigid in your viewpoint, which is by now a ball and chain the length and weight of Marley's, you can free yourself up to move in some grand ways. Your attachment to those things dark and lowly (i.e. things that are just filler (of time/energy) without any real nourishment belonging to them at all) and your refusal to allow in any one iota of clear-filled light is directly responsible for you never having what you need though you feel you make all the required strides to get them. 

Open up, let live, let breathe, let there be a little instability. Instability is only off-putting if you are so rigid you can't bend with the buffets of wind. You've lost a little bit of your ability to see clearly where you are and where you are going. And that's why you've gotten to this point of battening down all the're trying to keep yourself from feeling off kilter. But being too steely is preventing you from getting on track. Once you make yourself available again to all that is going on around you, it will be like your vehicle you are driving finds train tracks that magically appeared to take you exactly where you want to be. The movement will become that effortless.

Listen? Can you hear that? If you don't hear anything, stop moving, get down off your horse and get a little lower to the ground. There's a message making its way to you. A note musical in its delivery that wants to be played to you in all its rich chords. It's as though you are walking around a little tone deaf or with earbuds that only work in one ear. You're missing the richness of the playfulness of life. The messenger is there, could be someone you know. Don't eliminate any possible avenues for this divine healing flow that wants so much to envelop you. You could soon be floating in lyrical waters that whisper sweet secrets of the universe directly into your ear. So while you are on the ground, lay back in full corpse pose and let the wave cover you.

To bring your focus more inward and to find that inner-strength that can pick up your spirits and also fuel you in your movement, play dead. Yep. Just play opossum. Take a vacation from heading out on the town, even from talking to certain people (you know who they are) so that you can regain your composure. Pulling back from giving everything that you have and more to people and scenarios that deplete you will bring you back to a more sustainable energetic balance. Be clear and firm in your boundaries, more economical with your time and energy and you'll soon feel ready to get back out there on your own terms.

Remember life's a party. Being joyful about where you find yourself at this very moment will put the wind back in your sails. It's like the fire that heats up the air to make the hot-air balloon take off the ground. It's how it got its name! Happiness and delight is that fire. So cultivate that. The hot air balloon is already being guided by an age-old, tried and true hand. It's when you fully recognize that the steering of your vehicle has support from the best universal guidance system that you'll stop feeling like you're banging your head against the wall to get what you want done, done. So dance a bit and smile. Start there.

It's the wake of your movement that is actually turning the wheel of fortune. The more force churned up by your actions, the faster the wheel turns. That's sometimes the most difficult thing to remember. To receive your gifts, you have to acknowledge that one of those gifts is the particular battle that you are waging. You don't just keep yourself fighting this good fight because you want the trophy at the end, you keep doing it because you realize the value in the action itself. Keep making the necessary cuts, keep knocking over the stagnant cups that are just giving birth to blood-sucking mosquitos. By diving in, you are helping bring an end to one phase and ushering in the next. And it's that next phase that brings you that sustenance you long for.