November 26, 2012

Riding out of the thunderous waves of Scorpio comes the Knight of Sagittarius with torch burning  bright. The first week is one of integration. Taking all that was learned by swimming in the depths of our emotional oceans and using it to fuel our action in the outside world in the coming month. It's a digestion to be had this week. And as the body digests, all our energy goes to our stomach, leaving us feeling a little tired. So we go with it, taking our necessary rest so that all the food can be broken down and it's nourishment uptaken by our bodies. Light will come to the darkness. That is a given. Let this week be one of preparation. Use it as time to forge your sword. Dipping the metal into the fires, and then squelching the blade's heat in the cooling waters. By this method, your sword will be honed and ready when it is time to ride. That crisp clarity is what you'll steer your fiery steed by. Consciousness attached to that torch lighting the way is the only way to ride. 

Looking to the outside of you for your happiness is preventing you from feeling any joy at all. You're being too narrow-minded in your approach to locate that which can feed you aplenty. In fact, it's not about locating. It won't be found on any map, in any store, in any one object or grouping of objects. The grail that will quench your kind of thirst is found in your very own heart. It's an emotion to be tapped into, unlocked, built upon that will allow you to feel the unbridled and irrational bliss you desparately want to find. No need to search high and low anymore. Healing will come only from within. The practical and pragmatic insistence is what is keeping you locked up like the tin man. Your oil can will be of your own creation, filled with the salve of your own cleansing tears. 

If you stood with your hand outstretched in a snowfall, ideally snowflakes would accumulate in the palm of your hand until you had enough to form a snowball. Out of many little flakes, one solid mass would be made. That is in essence what you are doing right now. You are remaining still for long enough so that all those individual and unique ideas can find their way to you. You are letting them multiply and network. And all this time, you are sitting tall and balanced and sure of yourself. For you know that when looked at underneath a microscope, all those myriad of notions will reveal to you their intricate secrets and like a roadmap, they'll link up and define the way that you will move. The path will be crystal clear. Your only task is then to steer yourself with the utmost confidence, holding tightly to the reins with trust. 

Your ambition is admirable and laudable. The goal is to not harness this excitement to the point of throttling it altogether but focus it a bit so that you are working as efficiently as possible. You see, you are moving a bit too fast and furious and leaving a wake of disorder in your path. What's more, what you would rather leave behind is being caught up in the torrent of your movement and is being carried on your heels. Take a sec to clip the frenetic pace and feel the earth under you again. From this place of grounding, you'll be able to start fresh. You'll be able to see just what baggage you can leave at the next Goodwill, what detritus can simply be thrown away. And then the motion you resume will be one that feels smoother and more in tune with groove of the universe.

Lightness and indifference are not the same things. Though you want to believe you are moving unencumbered and untethered with a spring in your step, you know very well you are faking it. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times where you can fake it until you make it. If you truly want to be footloose and fancy-free, you really do need to do the work that is required to reel in the emotional anchor from the quicksand of your deepest harbor. Instead of using your energy to convince yourself that your ship is not stuck, tugging on its towline, transfer all that useful action into digging for your buried treasure. This is how you find your sea legs. You will emerge with a faultless center of gravity that will keep you right side up no matter if you go by land or by sea or by air. Then you will truly know what it feels like to have the wind whip through your air without a care in the world.

I love you toros. I truly do. You teach me so very much about patience and building from solid bases. Please allow me to offer you a little insight into this steady-freddy stance that will enhance the lingering moments you readily embrace. While you stand there with your foot down, let yourself feel how connected to the earth you really are. When you feel that safety, that umbilical cord, give yourself the gift of opening up your arms fully and looking up to the sky so completely that you feel your mouth pulled open with your muscles of your throat and heart center stretching. Open your eyes WIDE and take it all in. Feel showered by the wealth of what surrounds you. Let it fill you up, every nook and cranny. Clean out the cobwebs. You are cradled by the earth, there's no harm in making yourself available in this way. The amazing part is that when you do this, open up, it's like having a veil being lifted and being welcomed into the magical land of Oz. There are many secrets that could be yours. The only catch: you have to go to them, they won't come to you. 

When you're an air sign, the question is never "where's your head at?" The question is always "where IN your head are you?" Make a concerted effort to turn away from the swift, cat-burglar thoughts that would snatch away your peace and calm. Visualize yourself inside your head. Sit down in the midst of the swirling chaos and look up. Look beyond the low-lying storm clouds and up into the still sky above. Focus only on this higher stratosphere. The air is not so thin you can't breathe. There are no winds whipping. There's only crisp clear thought. Stay in this stance as long as you need to, returning as often as is required until you can maintain this tranquility as you move throughout your daily ministrations. It's a process. You'll likely go back and forth with this. Don't judge it. Just sit back down and tap into your stillness once again. Soon, you'll find that the storm abates and more of that billowy air surrounds you all the time. This is a life-altering approach to taking power with your mind.

Do you ever feel like a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other and never feeling at ease? One moment you are smiling and dancing freely like a back-up singer with the Temptations and the next you can barely move you feel so tied up by your anxious thoughts. You are riding high and your face radiates like the sun itself, lighting up everyone and thing in your path, the next you are a pedantic hum-drum mess that people tune out when you start spewing dogma you aren't even sure you believe. You don't have to be a perpetual motion machine. The trick to stopping the madness is to stop trying to remain above what is percolating to the surface. I think you'll find that the moment the pendulum swings to the "bad side" is when you actively stamp down what thoughts, emotions, cues are trying to make themselves known. Just look at them. Offer them a cup of tea. See what they have to tell you. Come at them proportionally, on the same level, and you'll find your way to being that bright dancing fool you truly are all the time. 

To cure yourself of the headaches, don't close your eyes to give them a rest. Open those eyes up even more and let alllll the light in. You're trying to focus too much on the small details and you are missing the forest for the trees. Think of your life this next week as a scavenger hunt laid out just for you. Take a look at any one room, expanse, panorama FIRST as the big picture that it is. See the tonal qualities of the light, take a temperature of the emotional horizon. Look at the shadows first and see what shapes they make. Hiding within the negative space that you aren't letting yourself see are the treasures that make life magical. Forget the tree and it's branches. What do you see between the limbs? Focus just beyond the temper tantrum and what color comes to your eye? By altering your perspective in this way, you are effectively getting out of your rational mind and diving headlong into a richer, deeper way of interacting with the universe. (hint: the rewards are much more great this way!)

A little exercise for you. Take a pie and a knife. Don't cut into the pie the way you normally would. Don't cut halfway down the pie, turn it a quarter turn and then halfway again. Don't then make little hashmarks in the crust etching out the halves within the quarters before you then cut all the way through the pie making 8 perfectly proportional pieces. Get crazy. Try and cut out just one piece, lifting it away. And then cut out a piece on the opposite side. Get the picture? Just let loose a little on the control of how it will all get done. Let things be a little off-kilter, a little off-color even. Allow yourself this present of being more fluid. Think of it as following a rainbow to find the pot of gold, suspend all belief and just BE. No agenda, no rules and no holds barred. You just might find yourself gliding down a silly slide that takes you directly into that cradle of yourself where you feel the most centered. It's realizing that your internal infrastructure will hold you up no matter what you do externally that is the greatest gift here. Then you move vibrantly and with an assurance that is awe-inspiring because it is effortless and not the least bit affected. (ps. When you stop cutting the pie altogether and just start eating it with a spoon from the pan, then you've learned the lesson!~) 

I'm going to level with you. You are letting your past taint your view of present. See how clear-cut those words were? That is just how to the point I want you to be. The only way to get there however is to be very direct with yourself. This is not the time for rose-colored glasses. Your intuition can't get a word in edgewise because of the chatter of illusion that bars its way. It's a sword fight above your head. Divine guidance is being parried off by the swords of your mental thieves. These thieves are past recollections that no longer serve you. They could be false ideas you continue to hold onto. They might be past interactions that you continue to allow to steal your thunder. Is that bone you're chewing on way past its prime? What are you still harping on that you should just let die? Take this step back and direct the interrogation lamp in the eyes of all you hear and see in your head. Start to put them into piles. I can guarantee you, that TRASH pile will be heaping. Throw it out. Throw it all out. Let go of it all and then listen to the clear bells of inspiration peel unhindered their tune of Allejuia. 

Your balance may feel precarious at this moment, but in all actuality, it's not. That is not to say you won't feel any movement to and fro. No, you are in the midst of a transition and there will be the usual teeterings that come along with this. I only mean to say you are not seesawing on a razor-sharp fulcrum. Take a minute to look around, and you'll understand. You have some pretty solid ground underneath your feet. You may be dancing, twirling and leaping to keep up with the corner you turn, but you are doing so with grace and fluidity. You're etching out your new dance steps as you go, but your tools and the material in which they are hewn are reliable and to be trusted in their capacity to hold their form. You've cultivated this steadfast environment as if you drew it out on paper and stepped inside this lovingly built world. Trust your steps. Keep moving. You won't fall through any cracks.

How ready are you Archers to move on down the road??!! I know, I know, you're itching to get going. Even if you don't feel all that prepared. Am I right? You're just a bit tired maybe. Just a tad ragged feeling. But you fire signs have so much passion and desire it is sometimes difficult to tell yourselves, "huh, maybe I should wait just a hot minute." It's actually really simple though. Even if you went out there waving your magic wand, you would think you were conjuring butterflies, but you'd end up with toads. That's just how it is at this moment. So let that passion simmer and get a little more uniform in its potential. Keep your options broad and refrain from focusing your attention on creating any one special thing. You'd be hacking away, the action would feel good, but there wouldn't be much intention behind it. Be available to all that's around you. Let your reserves be built up completely. Feel just how delicious it is to ripen in these first few days of Sag sun. As you soak it in, you'll feel yourself being guided in a specific direction. Eat of that juicy apple of knowledge and know that time taken now to relish its flavor will be paid back in kind when you do set to work in a conscious way later.