December 5, 2012

Get right down into It. It is plentiful. It is dirty. It is resplendent in Its abundant nature. Don't ask me what It is. It is different for everyone like the spoonful of sugar medicine was different for Mary Poppins and her charges. Only way to know the flavor is to taste It. Plunge right in. Stop waiting. Stop crying over the spilt milk that results from diving into It. That is inherent with It. You need That and It to get to the Other. It's that Other that makes life worthwhile. It's the Other that feeds you, clothes you, hugs you in its warm embrace. Dip your spoon. Strawberry, lime cordial, or rrrrrrrrrum punch. You'll love this medicine.

I see you tip-toeing around. Making your lazy circle paces, trying to be all cool like you aren't paying at all attention to what is sitting right there smack dab in the middle of the room. You're like an aloof lion, winking and whistling as you stalk your prey. What I also see, is that you are slowly but surely closing the distance. Because you very much want to actually. But just when you could pounce, you feign being captive by a chain holding you just out of arms length from that what you want most. It's your own obstinance that's keeping you from the pleasures that await. Step to it. No more sidelong glances and that cha cha dance. Do eeeet. It'll be worth it.

Start using your brisk natures to fan some of your flames. Keeping chill like an ice cube is keeping you frozen in your current position. Thaw yourself out first by getting yourself jazzed about where you would go, what you would want to do. Let your fire start to build from igniting this desire of action. Then you can start making the baby steps forward, integrating reality into the daydream bit by bit (in that order). This movement will knock free the rest of the clinging icicles and free you up to act with verve and purpose. Those crutches that have been slowing you down can then be used for kindling on your ever-growing bonfire.

Remember your natural habitat is water. You get your oxygen from the H20, you're given life through immersion into this element. And it's by leaning back into this gift that's yours that you'll effectively get yourself out of the mindfreak you currently find yourself. Calm that swirling cyclone of air around your head and let the mind be guided by your native home. You'll feel more steady and still, less rocky boat. All that excess of wind is blowing out your spark. So protect it with a moat of water. Get into a groovy fluid vibe and follow it around bends and floating obstacles. That's how you get that mental acuity back and working FOR you, not against you.

Your hands are full, filled to capacity. That load you are hauling around is getting heavier and more cumbersome but you aren't laying it down. You just adjust how you are holding it and bring it in even closer. Holding it there, right in front of your heart like a shield of protection that nothing can pierce. You are losing some agility in the process. Your focus being so one-pointed, you are denying yourself the amazing sunset out over yonder. Don't miss yonder by peering in your lap. You might feel more in control this way, but you are not more balanced, so don't get tricked by it. Set down the packages. Move your arms around and let the blood return to your sleepy stiff muscles. Gaze out at the colors in the sky. You'll see immediately what you are meant to find there. And you'll have a hand free now to accept the offer waiting to be made to you. 

Looks like the tables may have been turned on you, maybe getting a dose of your own medicine even. Don't get all bruised over it though. It's all in how you perceive it that will make the difference from this point on. See it for what it is, an invitation to find a more balanced interaction. That's all. Focus on the new way to behave and BE and you'll actually move into feeling uplifted and set free from a spiraling, no-where cycle that you've been engaged in. Sigh out a big AHhhhhhhhh. This is a good thing. With this new-found liberation you can move in a straight line towards where you want to go. The driving gets easier and more straightforward. Movement with a little more grace attached. Niice.

They say Newton came up with the idea of gravity when an apple fell on his head. Take a minute to imagine this. Envision it so well that you hear that gratifying THUNK. Get in tune with gravity a bit more. Get closer to the ground. This tempering of passion will prevent you from spinning in overactive circles and fuel a more efficient movement. It might feel like you are giving up on some adventure or taking yourself out of the fray where you see all the action taking place, but it's for a good cause. You are saying yes to getting more in touch with your self, getting below the surface. There's a greater balance to be found there. You don't know it all yet, let yourself be spoonfed like a babe for a bit. 

Don't be a Judgey McJudgerson just yet. It's easy to sit on your hill and point out the wrongdoings in other's actions. But what you aren't able to see from your position is how all the movement fits into a bigger puzzle. There's a chance for you to be guided by something greater than you. Really allow yourself to watch the details of what these people are doing. It's an exit ramp onto a new, pothole free highway. You don't have to give up your seat of knowledge entirely even. You are just being taken by the hand and brought down into the trenches a bit more. It's like being given a magnifying glass to see the fine print and a pen to cross out the items that don't belong. You aren't as removed and out of control as you think. There's still time to correct some wrongs to make sure that crop you want to harvest isn't infested with mites. Those "others" are showing you the way.

You've heard of stop, drop and roll? Your instructions are to stop, shake and yell. Oh my how amazing it will feel! Just surrender to the release that is rightthere for you to experience. Shake those wrappings off of you like you are a mummy come to life. Throw yourself into the moment of liberation from these tight strictures. That's all that's happening. The world isn't coming to an end, you are simply being rescued. Put on the comfy pants and get loose. Allow all that pent up energy be directed out without dictating how it will all go down either. Once the initial explosion subsides, you will be left floating on your raft in a calmer, limitless sea, not the man-made lake you were penned to before. This is the way to make things happen. You channel out the chaos, you don't attempt to hold it back. 

If all eyes were on you, what would you want to show the world? Unless you are a celebrity, it's not the world that's watching, but those closest to you. Think if there was one thing that you would want to demonstrate to your lover, child, father, mother and do that now. No verbal communication is necessary. Show them that taking responsibility for yourself is a wonderfully uplifting act. Show them how best to nurture your self. Take the time to just zone out, let them see the healing that can happen by being still and dreamy focused only on yourself. Don't tell them why, just let them watch it all unfold and see the effects themselves. The fun part is that when you see the look of blissful understanding in their faces, you fully realize the lesson learned in your own conscienceness. Which is really the point of all of this.

Yeah, I'm liking your chutzpah. Putting your foot down, taking back what is yours with a bravado that really suits you. No slinking around and sneaking out what you know is rightly yours. Kudos to you. Keep things that out in the open. There's no reason at all to be sly in your intentions. Don't hide your truth. Revel in it and keep dancing your steps to the music only you can hear. That's how you become born again. Continue to emerge from your womblike cave with this vibrancy of an untouched newborn. It's not naivety, it's exciting to re-discover in this way. "Hey, that's a hand and I can move it around and do what with it??!! Wow!! I'm a GOD!" Oh yeah. Stay with that. I can feel the awesome from here and my toe's a tapping to your invisible beat.

You have been given every indication that you are at the end of a cycle here, and you've been given that final nudge around the corner. This.Is.Good. You are in fact being nurtured by the Universe. That solid hand you feel at your back is one of compassion and love even as you see you are being guided to an unknown land. This is where transformation takes place. BUT, you have to let go of some of the baggage you still carry. You don't actually need those things. It was instinctual to pick them all up, like Steve Martin in The Jerk ("All I need is this pen...I NEED THIS!"). Along with those items is your heavy handed way of dictating how things should be. That also needs to be dropped into the abyss. That's old school stuff. Your new land where you will settle isn't clear yet on the horizon. All you know is that to get there, you have to keep moving and you have to lighten your load. That's all you need to know right now. Some faith is called for. This pause will be gratifying.

Exciting times here Sags. You're carving out your niche and figuring out exactly what you want to bring into manifestation with the New Year just around the corner. Don't be too hasty in etching it all into stone right now though. Dig into details, stir the pot and see what floats up. Make sure you are seeing and hearing all parts of all equations. Take it ALL in and let it stew inside you for a little bit. Let it take on some more form in that formless space inside. It's about building a structure that will withstand, be steady and solid at its base. This is the fun part. It's where you realize just how to have your cake AND eat it too.