December 12, 2012

We stand at the precipice of a New World, ready to hop into a new dance as if being reborn from our Mother Nature's womb. There is no pain in this re~imagining. No epidurals for the mamma and no slap on the behind for the babe. It's a slip and slide path out into a fresh and clear space where the air, clean and refreshing, wakens our vision and gives us our first glimpse of what Day 1 can bring. No need to fight this birthing. The contractions are there to propel you out and forward only. Laugh as you careen. Giggle as you tumble. Lay in the splayed out position  you find yourself in upon landing and take it all in with wide innocent eyes. Allow yourself that grace period before picking up and rolling, crawling, walking through the stages. SEE all that is around you with a fresh eye. Take it ALL in with wonder. Stay on your back and look up at the big blue sky and watch the clouds through their storytelling. Those images created just for you are full of promise.

Don't call the plumber just yet. You don't need someone else to tell you that the duct tape and bubble gum you used to fix your leaks weren't able to withstand the pressure of the water coursing through the pipes. You can't keep trying to hide the issues superficially any more. It's like spackling over a crack in the wall repeatedly, but knowing it will always reappear unless you fix the foundation. That's where you are at this moment. And you can make the choice to go with the flood. Let yourself be guided by the deluge you have been failing to hold back. Just integrate it into your steps. Let the river rage and climb into your life boat and see where it takes you. Surrender. Find your strength in the surrender. You will be washed up onto divine shores where a more permanent solution is recognizable to you. Those cracks in the wall are showing up to allow you to SEE. Give in to it.

A spinning disk revolves fastest at its edge. So if you were to sit on the edge you'd be whipping around and getting dizzy. Sure, can be fun at times. But if you are feeling a bit weary and that motion sickness is fatiguing you. Move to the center of the spinning wheel of fortune that you are riding at the moment. You are still turning the corner, in effect, moving forward on your path and this new vantage point will allow you to see that for all its worth. The slower movement will allow you to keep your bearings, maintain a certain balance, as the progression is made. You'll be able to keep your cups upright and be satiated as you go. That is the point of this exercise. To be able to keep your cup filled. There's healing trying to find you in this frenetic movement, but it can't hone in on you because you are insisting on trying to hang on for dear life rather than move more lyrically. Let the Universe nourish you. Take that step back. 

Don't fight the current, Fish. You're being a mite stubborn that way. And you lose out on the scenery that surrounds you. There's much to take in on that horizon, foreground, underneath your very nose. It is also taking away any joy you could be enthralled with at this particular moment. Being so rigid in your stance is keeping you seated and feeling in control, but at what cost? And what's more, I know you don't really like sitting there as comfortable as you try to make it sound to me. I see your eyes glancing from side to side, trying to see what you might be missing. So hop off that stoney throne and dive into the deep end and be free! Luxuriate in the flow. You'll feel liberated and more alive and you just might accomplish more in the process.

You feel that chill in the air. The kind of briskness that keeps making you check to see if your back is exposed, your shirt completely tucked in. It keeps seeping in. Here's the approach to take on this: You've liberated yourself from the prison of your ego-skin. And that's why you feel a bit cold, you're just more bare than you've ever been before. This is positive. A wonderful thing. This is you getting in touch with your core self and finding a centeredness never before touched upon. Ride on this high. Hold your slick skin up like a banner for all to see. You are FREE~! This deepening of your connection to your own individual root will give you strength and bravado that is unmatched by even the most bedazzled of vestments. You have entered your own church. It is here that you start to learn the mysteries of being you and when you tap into that, phew, watch out world!

You are bandaging a wound that has yet to be made. It's that simple. It may be out of self-protection and the way you have kept yourself going thus far, but it's actually to your detriment at this moment. So...because what I see is something beautiful that you are about to do, AND because I know just how huge a step it is, I'm going to help you be as successful as you possibly can in this venture so that you just want to keep going! You are about to open yourself up to one of the things you feared most. You are about to drop some of those defenses and allow in that crack of light as you open up the barricaded door. YES! The Universe supports you on this. This is my tip to you: If you are going to do it, do it all the way. No preemptive bandaid, no arms crossed over your heart. Look up from each individual step you are required to take on this new adventure and focus on the big pic reason why you want to do it. Don't look down, don't think about potholes or trippy roots. Just keep moving forward with that heart center open wide and your chin UP~That is how you get the most out of this decision you made. That is how you garner the abundance of wisdom you are seeking. It will be well worth it. 

What is required here is more effortless movement. Start with cultivating it in your own physical body. Drink plenty of fluids to encourage a swift and fluid cleansing river through your system. Get things sliding through. No hang ups. No glitches. Then you don't feel so full. You don't feel so bound up and heavy. Things start moving through your body like you are a well-oiled machine. Do this for your self and notice how your movements in your environment follow suit. Move with a confidence that draws in what you want and escorts out what you don't. When you become a clear conduit like this, you are able to manifest directly and cleanly. So clear out the muck inside and outside of you. This kind of smooth moving is too exciting to be missed.

Keep doing what you are doing. Sipping from your own watery natures is just what is called for. You are stealing your swords back. That's tarot speak for you taking back what was yours to begin with. It's a clarity and a voice that was taken from you a while ago. It's amazing that you are beginning to find them again and pick them up like treasure on a quest. Good for you! By doing this you are switching up your current trajectory, changing tacks, moving the train tracks to the other side of the Y so that you can continue on a better, more successful path. Continue with this. You still have this time to correct and evaluate. Lean into this transition even more and get excited about the not knowing of where exactly you will end up. This is you finding your groove. A deep, throbbing, psychedelic groove that takes you to your very dreams. Go with it and the Universe says: Well Done!

You look parched. Do you want a glass of water? An ice-filled, tall glass of cooling refreshment? 
The Universe is offering you a frosty thirst-quenching beverage but you aren't partaking, why is that? You have a lot of fire, Lions, for sure, but don't overbake in your own fiery natures. You are putting out too much light and you aren't using it wisely. Take a breather. Stop for a moment all the wand action, battling of beasts, trying to stay on top of things. You are losing energy. Pure and simple. So stop now before full depletion sets in. Let your reserves have time to be replenished. What you aren't seeing right now is just how little air you have to breathe. Your fire is eating it all up and you are suffocating yourself. Give up dictating how all will be done as you think it should be done and learn to be the master of your domain by letting in more universal grace. That's when unexpected pleasures surface. That's when joy finds you.

You haven't received the full gift as of yet. There have been inklings of success, but it's not completely realized at this moment. So that just means, don't go skipping away just yet. You'll miss out! Stay where you are, look below and through the infrastructure you currently are dealing with. There's more there. More than meets the eye. But it won't be presented to you. You have to do the delving. This contract is not yet etched in stone, before it is, make sure you have all the facts. Including the hidden keys. Don't be sidetracked into looking at only the sleight of hand there to dazzle you. Keep that eagle eye peeled so you can pick out the fish swimming below the surface. Then you'll go AHA and dive in and emerge victorious with the prize in your claws. That's how you receive all that wants to come to you without shortchanging yourself.

Whatever you are holding on to with such ardor, drop. Like playing a game of pick-up stix, just let it all fall away and scatter on the floor. You don't even have to clean it up, that's the beauty of it. Once it hits the floor, whatever load you were certain was so important and needed to shoulder for so long will just disappear. So let go of the undue burden. When you do, your hands are free and your sight unhindered to accept something new. It could be a new friend that was waiting there all the time but you couldn't see in front of you. It could be a joyous moment that once was thought to be too elusive, but now screams SURPRISE as it jumps out at you. You need this clarity of vision back. Use it to draw your boundaries a little stricter. You get your energy back. You feel more stable. 

You've seen the light! This new land you've been guided to is rich with wonder and adventure. It's vibrant with possibility and you've answered the call with a verve and gratitude that is awe-inspiring. So keep going. Don't look back from whence you came. Stop turning around to assess your journey. You've emerged from the darkness so resist being pulled back in even for a minute of contemplation. It's not an invitation that is on the up and up. Turn completely and forever more into this new wondrous dance you have stepped into. Get mixed up in it. BELIEVE in it unfalteringly. Immerse yourself in the new feeling and be bathed by it. Cleansed. Made new. This is where your energy should lie. Stay bright and moving, turning always to the new horizon.

You've broken a cycle. That much is clear. By doing so, you've raised yourself on an evolutionary scale even. Keep breathing in that high mountain air. It's clean. Pure. You aren't quite used to it yet so take this time to acclimate to this new elevation. You are closer to the stars than ever now. The constellations have much to tell you. There are myths and morals there splayed out in front of your eyes and it would do you well to take in all these images completely. Soak it up. Don't regulate what comes in as it comes in. It is happening too swiftly for that. Take in all the information first, working with it will come later. But be sure that you are entering a new phase. One that is more profound and fertile. Be a sponge, you haven't yet reached your saturation point. Stay with it and keep accumulating the knowledge coming your way.