December 19, 2012

Alchemy at it's most brightest and most forceful. Everything has been laid out on the table, all the implements for the sought change are at hand. The fire of Sagittarius has turned us full frontal to the task before us as a common people. It is in the marrying of the elements that manifestation of what is necessary becomes possible. And that is what the push is in the air right now. That hand at your back nudging you on, moving you in a specific direction. Yes. It is specific, not at all arbitrary. Look around and notice the trajectory and then look ahead and see the destination. A choice. That's what it comes down to. Do you decide to move on your own steam to the new horizon? Do you gain momentum, confidence, showing others the way? Choosing to take responsibility for life, your life, the earth's life, in more profound ways channels the magic of the universe's alchemy that much faster. When that combined energy hits the ground as lightning through the lightning rod, oh baby...that's when the magic really happens. Get on the boat. You won't want to miss the fireworks. They are the celebration at the end of this long road. That's when dreams are made real.

Button up the production a bit. That just means that you are being a little too forthcoming with any and all tidbits of your goings on at the moment. Any joy you get in the sharing and possible validation from others will be short-lived when you realize that letting the cat out of the bag put you into a corner as tight as a bug in a rug. Mixed metaphors aside, your business should be your business at this juncture. Keep more things to yourself, be your own protector. Most of all, keep your eyes wide open and your boundaries close. This is to ensure you see the bumps in the road or the small print BEFORE they become a problem. Then they aren't a problem~ No more giving of info willy nilly. Keep your balance and clarity this way.

You've got that cool eye, you know the dilly-o. You're like the proverbial fly on the wall. This is a good place to be a lot of the time, observing...taking it all in. It's what gives you the necessary vision. My suggestion, however, is keep that removed stance and turn the exact opposite direction. Even physically, wherever you are when you remember this, turn yourself around and see the view on that side. Right now, you are seeing only the dark underbelly, the underneath of the upturned rock. If you take this 180, you'll see something a little more enlightening. There's more information then what you are getting. And you'll need all that knowledge at hand to sift through and find the nuggets of wisdom. Take a look at this other side. You might find it's a little more bright, a little more uplifting. If you at all find yourself wearing thin, losing energy, getting headaches, then you owe it to yourself to turn away from the half empty cup and face the half full cup. Don't be the only obstacle to this way of being. It's in your power to control.

Slow down. Take a breather. There's some swift movement around you. It's easy to get all caught up in the hullabaloo and move with it. It's like a choppy tide in the ocean. You just move with it, you're even smiling because the chaotic movement is kind of exciting. And then you realize your arms and legs are a little tired from having to keep you afloat and that smile gets a little forced and you get a little crazy-eyed and say just a little too exuberantly, "yes, I'm having a GREAT time!!!!!!!" Good news is, you can exit out of this current at any time though. Just side step out. Easy as that. As soon as you do, almost immediately, you'll hear that little voice from inside sing out a great big thank you and then bells will peel and alleluia's will ring through the air. 
I'm not exaggerating. It will feel JUST like that. Sounds good right? Once you get back into your own skin so completely, you'll be more at peace and be able to enjoy in earnest.

You're riding high and really gaining a momentum now. Your forward movement is fueled by your bravado and will to live and to have what you seek. And it's working for you. You are indeed making headway. There is going to come a moment on your journey where this willful push through the envelope will not be enough. At that point, trust that you did what you could in this way and take a faithful dive into a more profound energy source. It will feel like you have come to a halt, but I promise that isn't the case. You will still be working to attain your goals, just working differently, more intuitively and more fluidly. Less physical sweat, more internal swimming. It's when you let this internal guidance system drive the car, the road will actually get smoother and you'll feel more secure in the motion. Like being on one of those cars on the guided tracks at the amusement park. That protruding piece of metal in the middle of the path will keep you on target, and you get to sit back and take in some of the passing scenery. So let that happen. It's a discipline that will serve you well.  

Seeing the big picture, that's a strength you have tapped into quite well. Take it all in, that wide expanse in front of you. See all aspects of that countryside laid out like a welcome mat. It's by keeping your eye on the grand scheme of things that you will be able to continue to move forward, leaving behind those unwanted and unnecessary habits (people...) that hold you back. They can be alluring and enticing. Habits are tricksy like that. But don't be suckered by their glinty natures. Keep your focus on the road ahead and let them all become apart of your wake. This initiative is key if you want all that you have been working to cultivate to come to harvest. You doing the tough part now is akin to pouring (organic, all natural, pesticide-free) fertilizer on that already growing garden to protect it and ensure that the strawberry you planted doesn't turn into a rotten turnip. This is how you feed your endeavors and yourself. This is you saying yes to a more proportional relationship with your own life. It's in your hands. 

There are those kinds of people that never know what to do with their hands, so they jam them in their pockets or always make sure to be holding something. Don't be one of those people. Keep your hands free. Let them gesticulate broadly in the air as you talk, let them move naturally in response to what you hear, whether it's up to your head, heart or mouth. Let your hands be available. You are using them as tools to gather energy and move it in you, push it away from you, send out love, receive gratitude. So present them like you are a hand model and you are ever so proud of them. Do not at all be nervous about being so flamboyant or OPEN. Who cares if you knock over a glass every now and then. You'll feel powerful when you do. Pointing at exactly what you want. Holding open your palm to accept that gift. Extending your hand to present a wonderful surprise to someone. Just get used to manipulating the very air around you in this way. Enjoy being the conductor in your own life in all situations and bask in the glow of the aura of healing music you are orchestrating.

Keep yourself open. Do it physically as much as you need to so that your body reminds your mind. Stretch those arms out, do some shoulder rolls, do the backstroke in the middle of the room, whatever you need to do to keep that heart center open. Because when that space is out wide, you will be and remain jubilant and vibrant. This is your homework actually. Something to remember in the coming week. Treat all situations like an experiment. See all that is happening, every detail and note how yes, you could engage. You could throw down the gauntlet or you could accept that invitation to spar, or, OR you could remember this assignment and turn your eyes up and out of the snarl of weeds and thorns that would keep you tangled, close to the ground. Choose to be uplifted and move your body out of the room, uncross the arms and let the heart sing. Smile and laugh and choose to see the lighter side of things. You could be well on your way to forming new habits!

Give in to the dream. Try it for just a week. Let yourself float through your day with stars in your eyes. Drop all the crap, yes crap, that you think is important for feeling like you have it all. Forget about orchestrating everything just so and invite in more room for surprises and impromptu happenings that could liven up your soul and the party. All the focus on outward dressing, surface decoration and maintaining a particular stance or posture for the benefit of seeming all together or in control is holding you back from enjoying the small pleasures of life. So drop it all. Let yourself see that you don't become blurry as a person, you don't disappear into the background when you do this. You become more you. Which is all this world needs. 

Keep dancing. Keep twirling around with arms and hearts lifted. Dance through the lightning strikes of realization and invite any resultant discomfort or outright pain to be your partner. Just don't stop moving with it. Let all exist as one, let the sun rise into your conscious self and bask in  the enlightenment it brings. It's actually a wondrous and joyful moment. One to be lauded and celebrated. No darkness here. Turn fully into the rainbow that fills the sky because of the rain and see it as a bridge to somewhere new. Many doors that could be opened. Revel in the movement itself. It is better than being stuck. Don't be stuck. Move like the whirling dervishes and find your nirvana through the steps. 

It could be time to own the fact that you like keeping yourself in a lazy, dream state for another reason other than for the re-energizing that it can do for you. Maybe you stay there because it also keeps you out of the fray, above the action and you are kept safe and secure that way. Time to move towards adventure! Come down off your pedestal and jaunt into each day with a verve and lightness to your step. Make yourself available again to "happenings". Let things happen to you. Take back your sword you dropped somewhere along the way, feel its hilt heavy in your hand, touch the cool steel of the blade and become acquainted again with the sensation of power you have when you hold it. Then push out your chest and with a lovely, childlike wicked smile on your face, use it to cut yourself down from the tree you tied yourself too. Get up to no good like a kid would. Don't come back in until after dark and your clothes and face better be muddy. 

All knights need to come back to the castle and take a breather. You've been out there battling fierce beasts from the underworld for long enough. Here's the thing: You've won. You get all the accolades, that parade is for you. Be fierce with that knowledge. Come back behind the safe walls and let yourself sit and feel that revelation settle in entirely. Be still. Sit still. Calm your mind, let all those raging thoughts just dissipate. You can pull your energy back in because you have already won. I said that already. It's a point to be driven home. Once you let that sink in as much as it can, you will be beyond satisfied. Good. Continue sitting there and let your posture demonstrate that you are fully aware that you have that shelf of trophies stacked behind you. This is the end of that battle. Know it in your very bones. You slayed the dragon.

There's a step by step process to achieve the abundance you desire. It's really simple actually. First step: let go of the notion that abundance is solely measured in money. Cold hard cash. All you need to know is in that phrase. Wealth is being warmed by your passion for life. Rich is being open and available, and feeling confident enough to remain supple in the face of everything so that you always feel you have provisions. And when someone says cash, you should always think Johnny. No brainer. Step two is beginning the process of dismantling your constructed mask of a skin-the ego skin. It's what makes you feel tight and constricted when goings get tough. Start peeling it away. It's a process, but well worth the effort. But even though it will take time to switch this attitude and perception in totality I can tell you that as soon as you begin you will start to feel the effects immediately. Getting yourself off your knees and loosing the binds keeping you captive will become intoxicating. You'll truly love the sensation. And that is what will keep you going when your mind starts to kick and thrash at what rationally seems out-of-whack as you continue to make different decisions based on more. The wheel of fortune is turning and it wants to dump that fortune in your lap. You go through these steps so that when it lands with a brilliant thump, you recognize it for the gift that it is.