January 1, 2013

The start of a new year, fresh with promise and bursting with renewed hope. Setting intentions, opening hearts to vibrant resolve, allowing the dreams of what could be to burgeon and take flight. The sky's the limit, we say, the ocean's deep with wonder, on a wing and a prayer, from your lips to God's ear. A connection to earth's atmosphere and spirit making itself known even in the very phrases we use without thinking, they have become second nature. Now's the time to paint with that broad spectrum brush. Be lofty in your imagination, be grand in your dreaming of what is possible in your reality. Lay on the ground and look up at the expanse of blue sky, clouds moving swiftly across the motion picture screen, transforming their shape right before your eyes giving clues to your own caterpillar cocoon to butterfly wing stage. Keep your ear to the ground. Smell the dank soil. Run your hand over the textured bark of a tree trunk. It is this relationship to nature, flora, fauna, soul in the crevices of rocks and grass that will bring about your desires. Full circle return to the heartbeat rhythm of the earth. It has begun. It is the only true way to live. Begin to dance with it by first acknowledging the vibrations as more than just music in the air. Feel it in your deepest self. Say ah and smile with the knowing. You'll soon see that same glint in other's eyes. 

You are in your sun sign now. Slow your roll and take your ease a bit to fully bathe in the delight of Capricorn. Like the birds that clean themselves off in their dust baths, you are to get down and dirty with your earth self. This is how your tank is topped off with that much needed fuel to keep going. So put the gear into park and apply that emergency break, you are entering a time of rest. Lay down and just be still. Feel your limbs get heavy, let gravity pull on you and keep you rooted. You are getting refreshed by all this grounding. All depleted but over-cycling energy can be released and then be replaced by nurturing light-bright recharging electricity. Plug in to it. Close your eyes and let all those over-tired visions dance before you on your eyelids as they leave you. They carry with them much wisdom. Learn from them so you don't recreate those patterns. Through this dark, you will find the light. Even black oil slicks on the road are highlighted by rainbows if caught by the right perspective. So don't be afraid of what will surface. Follow it to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

That instinct to let yourself run loose with the worst-case scenario is keeping you out of the fray that is called life. And removed from your own body as well. So if you feel overly tired and frayed at the ends then this is you. What you see as knives plunged into your heart are going to be your way out of this cycle. Take each of those perceived weapons in your hand and yank them free. Make that space for more to rush in. As you do this one by one, you'll feel yourself become more centered, like nesting dolls you'll settle back into your own skin. Those knives are now your instruments of design. The pen is mightier than the sword as they say. Use the clarity you attained by taking firm hold of these circumstances to write out your new contract with life. Don't rush this part. Linger with the possibilities of what you can create with a more positive approach. This is the fun beginning where you have carte blanche to alter the blueprints before anything is built in stone. 

You may feel that earthy weight of Capricorn beginning to lay on top of you like a heavy blanket, but don't be fooled into thinking that you have to give up your watery natures right now. In fact, you are being asked to water the ground, leaving your mark wherever you pass. Have fun with your effortless connection to the dream-time. Rock the boat by dropping your brave tidbits of knowledge culled from the subconscious. Smile knowingly and wink at the bewildered faces that you leave in your wake. Like water that will work its way through the rock until it has etched its path, you can begin to break down barriers built by stodgy, wooden attitudes. So see each moment as a possibility to bring the moon shine to the day. You'll be helping the grand plan of the cosmos and giving yourself some much needed entertainment in the process. 

Start trusting your own self. If it feels right to put that foot down and not budge then just do it. Even if, especially if, everyone else (or just that one voice in your ear) is telling you all the reasons why you are wrong and it doesn't make sense. It's time to take responsibility of what you KNOW. So don't listen to mamma, throw away those rules and regulations that were handed down to you and sit down with legs and arms crossed. It's not a tantrum you are throwing. You aren't just being stubborn. You are holding yourself true to your own truth. That is sorely needed, you can show us all the way. This is how you stoke that fire of your birth sign into a sustainable burning power that will have you moving and shaking, pushing boundaries and leaping over obstacles. You'll like the feeling of owning your self in this way, I guarantee it.
With the new year ahead of you, let the first project you undertake be 'you'. Not in the self-help, how to be a better me by correcting all my wrongs kind of way. And actually, in just the opposite way as a matter of fact. See what I did there, I did a 180, came at an idea from the other direction. And that's what you should do this week. Turn your self over in your hands and look at your characteristics from that other perspective. Take the typical ways of how you define yourself, making sure to remove all negative connotations and make it completely positive. For example: What you usually would call your stubbornness, mark it down as your vibrant, all-out confidence. Transform your viewpoint of all that you are so that you love every single aspect of yourself. Just try it. It's a looking up, an elevated way of seeing that gives you a bigger picture. It's when you get this distance that you will see how you want to be and what you project to others. It's a way of becoming more saturated with your self and doing away with all the gunk that clogs up the works. By taking this gentle approach, you will in effect transmute what in your personality that doesn't serve you and it won't seem so threatening to do so. 

Take a step down from being the seesaw fulcrum on which the weight of maintaining all balance is placed. Let go of those defense mechanisms that keep everything at bay and unfold those fists. When you can do that, you are free to take the hand of those new opportunities that you have been holding away from you as part of your instinctual response to everything else that's been trying to force their way on to you. So hop into the crowd, you'll actually be able to see more clearly as you move through the throngs and pick up the possibilities that are there waiting for you. Once they are in hand, you'll be able to continue on your way with a excitement and purpose. By staying up on your perch, afraid to dive in, you are missing out on the adventures that await you. 

Feel good about your actions of late, crabs. You stayed focused and by doing so, you gave yourself the best gift--you learned how to keep your own cup at least half full at all times. Wow. That's a key lesson for us all, that we are the master of our own domains, the buddhas of our own bliss. Be free with your own self praise right now. Keep feeding that desire to quench your own thirst. You may feel the need to be more on your own at these moments, do it. This time spent by your self is well-deserved and also much-needed for this stage in your development. Be clear with your boundaries to protect this oasis of self. It's ok to be your own island right now. Allow yourself that joy.

You're getting a lot done, moving mountains, scratching things off your list, that is for sure. While you are fervishly directing traffic like a pro, you are missing out on one element to make it the perfect alchemy however. Where's the water? i.e. the connection to something deeper. Where's the love? It is key to always check in with the aspect of healing to be found in emotion, people you are working with or for or on behalf of. There's an undercurrent of profound depth that you could be tapping into, and should be tapping into. It will deepen what good you are already giving, what joy you are already producing. Take into consideration this link to humanity when making your moves and you will ensure that the resolution you help bring about is all encompassing, full, rich and round. The contentment you feel in "gettin' her done" will only be that much more poignant.

It's not the fact that you aren't hearing the whispers of the angels that is giving you anxiety, but that you aren't allowing yourself to move with these intonations and you aren't inviting them in to your daily steps. Your heart wants to dance with the higher self, but those lyrical notes have to make their way from the ether down through the head to get to that chest cavity. And it's the tight webbing of the structure of your rational mind that is holding them away from this loving spot like fish in a net. And those salmon are trying to make their way home. There's an easy way to fix this though. Help those messages make their journey by giving them a much bigger target. Lay down on the bed, floor, grass, sidewalk. Your mind's churning will be eased by being closer to the ground and you'll have your heart right there open and available to hear and take in what is trying desperately to get through. You might even find that your speaking voice is more clear after doing so as well. It's just what happens when you bypass the redtape of the mind for a time.

The important thing is that you make the attempt to shake hands with your inner spirit and acknowledge the partnership that "could be". The necessary move to take is start to get yourself up off of your knees and into a better relationship with yourself and the world around you. These are the actions to focus on. The leap is all there is. Don't worry about what happens next, how it all fits together or how it will all sort itself out. Just take that first step with an ease that is connected to the knowing that you are embarking on a new path. The road less traveled is now your highway. All the wonders that will greet you are numerous to be sure and it will be worth the effort you are giving out. So just know that and take that faithful start. Who cares if you trip, fall down or topple down a hill. You're still moving forward and that is ALL that matters. 

You've got this halo of bright light around your head. It speaks of evolution and enlightenment, a new way of seeing and being. And it looks good on you. By allowing to exist this new perspective you will only gain momentum in your drive into the inner doctrine of a more spiritual and creative life. You're just beginning to delve under the surface where insight will be rich and pleasures will be many. Keep tugging and pulling at that tight, dried out skin until you shed it like a snake that's grown larger and fuller. You are giving birth to a new you and I advise you to hold "you" close like you would a newborn babe. Keep this "you" on your lap, cradle "you" in your arms and let your posture say it all...don't mess with "me". You are on the right track. Keep moving in this way with that confidence fueling your steps. 

You are taking back what is yours. But not like a thief in the night. No need to be a cat burglar, sags. Sit back and rest cooly in your seat. Watch how the breeze brings it all to your feet. You've done all the heavy lifting, you carried that load as long as you knew you needed to. Even after you wanted to drop it, you knew you had to keep going. All of that effort will be compensated for. What is coming in, you will begin to integrate into your steps and take it all with you to that new horizon that you never lost focus on. Not even when you couldn't see for all the weight that you were holding in your arms. Now look at it. It is right there, closer than ever. That's no mirage or sleight-of-perspective. You've made it. Your arms are free to gather up your harvest as it comes in. And, what's more-- they are stronger than ever to hold all and more of the rewards because you built up that muscle!