April 3, 2013

The time is ripe. The garden always fertile is now fecund. The lingering and lilting downtime was more than simply a luxurious indulgence, it allowed this transition in possibility occur. Every element has come together in a near perfect alchemy to create This World that is now possible. This World that is birthed from our very center, directly connected to our deepest ideas and deep-seated beliefs. This World that is now a wide open expanse~exposed, rich, airy and bright. We are pioneers once again. We have with us an undeniable and unfailing wisdom at our breath-tips. We have an expectant horizon at our finger-tips. We stand poised at the edge of this new age with elevated vision. We prepare to move into this next phase of "history" with a concrete certainty, a shimmering hope and an ecstatic joy.

Even though you feel balanced and are "going with the flow", you can trust that intuition that tells you that this listing on a current going only in the direction in which the wind billows the sails isn't as satisfying as you want it to be. Drop anchor. Feel some solid ground under your feet and dig into the earth with your hands. This is your delving into a deeper part of yourself and finding a more spiritual balance which yields a more decisive rudder to your ship. That inner self of yours is making itself available to you and is rich with secrets. Sift through it and open more to that "person" and less to the people around you. It will be a more fulfilling relationship to be sure. And you'll find as a result, you can simultaneously be up in the crow's nest directing your travel and at the helm doing the steering of your ship.

With head down, nose to the grindstone, you are "gettin' 'er done", but if you lift your head for a moment, you'll see that you are all alone in that endeavor. The room is dark as night and crickets highlight the silence. While this could actually be the case (are you the only one in your office late at night?), it is meant in a more metaphorical, energetic way. Depleting your spirit by simply bringing home the bacon, scratching items off of neverending to-do lists, and doing just to do is taking its toll. Take that last nail out of the coffin you've constructed and let the air rush back in. With that first oxygenated blast, you'll see with just how little you've been subsisting and you won't want to go back. Allow more room to breathe, time to fill your lungs completely and see if you then can't find a more steady, less intensely-focused form to your labors that allows for more spirit-filled work as well.

For fish out of water, you pisceans are moving adeptly and with great speed. Emerging from your sign into Aries hasn't slowed your momentum one bit. You are clear and stoking your engines from a deeply centered place~movement connected to this kind of vision is real and as it should be. Kudos to you. A little tip as you keep on keeping on--let there be some wiggle room in your steering. That golden egg you're carrying, the reason for the drive, won't spoil and in fact could use a little more time in the nest. So allow for some detours on your trip, a little adventure. Letting seep in this essence of the fire of Aries will be helpful in the long run (and more fun)!

My Aries nephew used to be trepidatious about swimming in the ocean. He hated the salt water in his eyes and wold want to be held high over the waves as they pulsed forward. And then it came that one summer he left off his oversized goggles and plunged in. He lolled around in the surf like he was a fish. After diving and moving with a crashing flow, he'd stay there suspended in the ebbing tide, face down, letting the current cradle and rock him. I don't know what encouraged that seemingly sudden shift and he was too young to articulate it. It just was a magical evolution to watch. Take that story to heart right now, fire-breathers. Dive in, loll around, bathe in what fills you with fear. Experience the "old" in this "new" way. Let it all soak in completely, open to it with reckless abandon. There's a joy there to be found. You will be forever more transformed.
Don't expect things to be steady right now, because they are not. It's like you are on a ship's deck and holding yourself rigid to the motion will just get you sea sick. One trick though is not to hold onto someone or something else to get your bearings in the midst of the current transition either. You can find your own way of remaining upright if you give in to the rhythm. The light is there to guide you, it's seeping in the cracks. Recognize it for what it is--a beacon to another way of being--a lighthouse to your divine self. But like holding a lightning bug in a jar, you'll extinguish the vibrancy of this light if you try and keep it all for yourself. Many are following the same lantern. Be comforted by that fact and simply follow it, dance with it and discover your own gifts in the process. 

As twins, you Gemini's have an innate understanding of the double-edged nature of your airy sword. Call on that knowledge now. In your effort to keep yourself out of and above the fray, you are also, keeping yourself from being grounded in your own center. With your delicate tip of  your sword, alter your approach slightly. The fire of your efforts can be put to better use if you come down from the heights where the air is thin to a slightly lower elevation where you have the ability to focus your energy more acutely and with greater efficiency. You will also feel better equipped for when you touch fully back down in the midst of the turmoil you were avoiding. That time is coming. Give yourself time to ground down and get your torch brightly lit and you will navigate the darkness with ease.

Taking that step back to survey the scene is just what the doctor ordered. Increase the depth of field, widen the aperture, get that panoramic lens~whatever it takes to get the big picture view. Seeing beyond the spilt milk, its cause, the act of spilling, allows you to see the starving cats that needed its sustenance or the help that is arriving on galloping horseback to mop up the mess. There are riches in every moment, "good" or "bad", they only need to be observed to be made real. The way to ride high is to embrace the spilled milk as your lazy river to float on and with in harmony. You'll feel victorious and you'll keep moving forward on your path. 

That insight, that nudge of guidance you are seeking is right there in front of you. Look now, on the table, floor, grass, dashboard, bathroom counter. Do you see a pen, feather, toy sword, real sword, knife, scissors, needle there? You only need to pick it up to have your clarity. All of those items are physical equivalents of the spiritual posture you are trying to assume. It's not that you don't know, you just aren't grabbing the sword by its hilt and deftly wielding it to get what it is you know. And furthermore, those tools are akin to Dumbo's feather wrapped in his trunk. There are no magic words, special incantations or pixie dust  needed. Simply open up your arms, drop off the armor and say yes. Say Yes, sit and be still and let the secrets come to you as if whispers from a dream. Just say yes and the Sword will release from the Stone.

Turn around. Really, really fast. Get dizzy. Fall down. Look up at the sky, ceiling, faces of loved ones. Smile, giggle and feel the rush. See, it's not so bad. Remember that and see if you can't get yourself to turn into the torrent of emotions that are lapping at your back. It's not about steeling yourself to it, it's about opening up to it, surrendering to the flow and seeing where it takes you. You may cry, you may get angry, you may scream, wail, punch a pillow and/or laugh hysterically. And then as the wave subsides, you'll be set gently down on the earth you love, left feeling cleansed, calm and grounded. it's a choice, a life-choice, at this moment. Stay barricaded and deplete your energy doing so or use your earthly talents to observe, categorize, learn and assimilate. But first, the flow. That is the start of it all.

I know your secret. And let me tell you, I LOVE it. You've set things up so that you can rest a bit. Take your ease. You knew you needed that above all else. So you have others fooled into thinking you're done, resigned, exiting peacefully into the night. Brilliant! That is what it will take to find that spark that you know is there. You have the Universe's support in this. You and I know that this time "away" was necessary to move beyond a past with lingering null and void contracts that no longer serve and are to be discarded. You've given yourself a palimpsest on which to write your new future. Start thinking about that now. Regain your strength and confidence as master of your own domain. This is your way of exacting balance into your life and it is good.

Never fear, Blank Man is here! Remember that movie with Damon Wayans? A most unconventional superhero emerging from an unlikely source, that ended up being incredibly effective in the face of danger and all doubt. That's your story right now. You are going to be pulled out of the depths where you've been lingering for a while, disconcerted and tired of the muck. This harbinger for your escape may come from an unlikely corner but don't dismiss it out of hand. Follow its lantern and you will be lead out of the labyrinth where you can start fresh, breathe clean air and blink your eyelids at the crisp clear light of a new day. Trust your gut when its says...GO.

All that fighting, pressing on, pruning you've done to protect your personally fashioned grail has done it. You've done it. You've made it past the obstacles and broken down the barriers in your way. Now hold that vessel high and revel in its brilliance. It is of course your own heart, that grail. Your heart is now free to dance and celebrate so move to the released rhythm. Twirl in ecstasy of this release and you'll see how you naturally fall into a calm, collected step. Now comes the really inspiring part--you get to move forward on your path, integrating your heart's passion into your daily life. Your vessel and the Vessel of the Universe, both overflowing with healing waters. You as the magical bartender, mixing and alchemizing the elixir which will invite others to sip of their own full heart. Salute!