May 29, 2013

Gemini has whirled in to have its say. That blade is sharp and focused and will free us all from our mental trappings if we let it. We are being asked, none to politely, to let in the cool fast air, bring that chill fully into our lungs and let it do the work of dispelling haze-inducing cobwebs. This doesn't happen very often, that the work will be done for us. Surrender to it. It's a gift. At the end of the cleansing, you remain standing, unwrapped and gleaming, fresh with a more balanced posture, meeting eye to eye Truth and not flinching. The earth itself is undergoing this spring cleaning. The land itself is preparing for an unprecedented and universally binding event. Meet it halfway by opening up to the energy that is pressing its nose at your door. 

You are on the right river, this is your tributary to travel for it comes straight our of you from your deepest subconcious. Because of this, your situation might not make rational sense at all.  But pay that no mind. For "Mind" is not what is required of you at this moment. Stop the mental machinations. Release the ruminations to the ether. You are not to analyze ad nauseum every little tidbit in front of you. Rest your burden and settle downward. That means lay back in a chair, bed, hammock, the grass and STOP. Let a flow enter you and just ride the wave without wondering where you are headed.

You are being too parsimonious with life right now. As you try and regulate the current of wreckless abandon that is pounding you like an ocean wave, you are keeping yourself stationary and missing the boat to a new frame of mind destination. You can keep yourself all pent up from those emotions that keep making themselves more forcefully known and keep talking yourself out of what you KNOW you feel and what you KNOW it means, or you can let it in and have that critical AHA moment, breaking you out of your stuck stance into a world of fresh inspiration. You absolutely know how you dampen your own fire. You know that you are the one stealing your own thunder. What are you going to do about it? I say, give into the rush and see how it can uplift you rather than drown your very being.

So you've been on a fluid track and it looks like it is keeping you dancing in circles. Movement for the sake of movement, however lyrical it may pretend to feel, on this circuitous course is not helping you to progress forward. Which is what you are yearning for and what makes you believe action in whatever form is better than inaction. I'm here to tell you that some deliberate inaction is just what the doctor ordered. Slow it down, sit a bit and then turn in the opposite direction that is your norm (you know you have "your chair"!!) so you can truly see the writing on the wall. You'll find that the mathematical equation you thought etched in stone still does not have that equal sign--there's more solving to be done. Before you head out to make "it" happen for you, go through that equation and cancel out what doesn't belong so your resultant action becomes more balanced and less duplicitous. You've been lulled into staying in a spiral whirlpool cycle, you need to break out of it.

"I've been working on the railroad, all my live-long days!" That tune popped into my head when I thought of you. Imagine all those rail workers for a moment, focused solely on their task, one tie at a time, never having a moment to to look up and see the track in its entirety. Just being driven to keep their attention on one crosspiece after another. You have the ability to stop, wipe your brow and survey the grand expanse in front of you. You are your own taskmaster. (Yes, you are. Don't be fooled into thinking your employer, partner, child, best friend, pet is really in charge.) So put away the whip and become the epitome of "lazy, hazy sun day." You'll physically, mentally,  and emotionally feel better and you'll also be giving some necessary breathing room to the work life to allow some ideas, situations and issues mature on their own. This will prove helpful in the long run. So sit back and relax a while, friend. 

You are trying valiantly to maintain your balance right now. I see you fighting to stay seated and poised. To the casual observer, you are the perfect, polished stone Greek sculpture of precision and balance. But I can see the sweat on your brow. I can see the tremor of your muscles as you work and toil to maintain this cool posture. All that energy you are using to to keep yourself rigid and in place is simply ill-spent. And you are missing out on a more easily formed joy. Celebration even. Why aren't you allowing yourself to celebrate? Let go of your rusty armor, Tin Man, and squeeze some oil from the oil can onto your joints. Your heart is still there, it wasn't in fact missing. No wizard needs to bestow it on you. Throw the gauntlet away and put your hand on your chest to feel the ticking beat. And then walk to its rhythm, it's your metronome connected to universe.

The cards are as pointed as the tip of your blade. You are in fact experiencing a deep connection with someone or something magical. Be it person, pet, houseplant, sunset, rainbow, the rain on your face. It is that divine tie that is invisible to the naked eye but pulls at you from a profound place inside of you. It's just the tip of the iceberg, lovelies. You've been given a peak behind the veil of a rich and potent way of living. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking you have it all figured out already. This is new and wonderful and you'll miss it if you explain it away. You exceed at using your sword to cut out what doesn't belong. Now see if you can let that resultant space be filled. Experience it from an inside-out place. Look up to it and follow its gaze on upward still and see where it takes you.

You are open, willing, oh-so-available. You see clearly the horizon of what is possible, what could be "if only." It is not at all unwieldy or inescapable when you look directly upon it. It's only when you focus your gaze on the middle ground--only when you concentrate on how to get from here to there does the space in between seem uneclipsable. So for now, forget the road and all its steps. What you need right now in this instant is to not allow that be the end all/be all that holds you back from seeing your utmost truth. You have to have this supreme consciousness about you, crystal clarity of what you want, deserve, need, FIRST. You have to allow it to be there in front of you in all its glory, unmasked, unconcealed. No explaining it away. Just SEE it. That will be required to break the chains that hold you down and keep you from moving. When your knowing is that keen, no darkness or (un)certainty of difficulty on how "to do" will keep you from "doing."  

You are being very direct and fierce and that feels good. Wielding your mighty instrument of choice to stay on top of it all is working. To a point. But this concentrated effort is also deflecting some much needed healing that is coming your way. So that sword you are using to cut through the B.S. and set boundaries is also doubling as an effective shield. Your own personal emotions can't make themselves known. And they really should be a part of the mix of what you are cultivating right now. Allow yourself to receive the wisdom of your subconscious. A little sip here and there, while it helps maintain your position and make you feel like you are letting it in, isn't going to do it in the end. What is needed is a full out dismantling of the dam that holds back the deluge that has built up. Don't be afraid of it. As you allow the waters to overtake you, each tear will hold a vision of something freeing. Much will be shown to you and your own internal divine will connect with the divine in Universe. Much will be revealed and you'll arise a new person, naked, glowing from being scoured clean.

There you are trying to monitor the momentum again. You're refusing to slow down. Let's try another approach. What you are trying to run over and not deal with is just getting flattened, it doesn't disappear. And little word to the wise, your vehicle cannot hover over the water you are headed too. Tell yourself that you can ease up with the lead foot because you promise to let what you are avoiding to approach you in moderation, one bit at a time. Make this deal with yourself. By simply saying yes in this way, you are allowing there to be more breathing room. Your whole body will seem to relax. Your breath getting larger and fuller. Trust your inner guide to bring to you only what you can handle. Have faith in that and don't close yourself off entirely from him/her. Being afraid of being overtaken all at once is what keeps you stuck with more than your own truth sliding by unheeded. Have that negotiation with yourself. Say yes and uncross your arms and just see what happens.

Guess what? Silently standing by and watching all those that will take from you and saying with absolute clarity, "Hey, I can SEE you!" still allows them to do it. You see it. They know you see it. It's time to do more about it than tsk tsking with your finger. If you were out in the cold dying from hypothermia, you wouldn't just look at the warm fire-heated oasis in front of you and say, yep, you would definitely warm me up and then not go in would you? Start thinking in those terms. By only seeing the problem and not then acting on a solution, you are keeping your inner self out in the cold, out of your own physical body. Its home. You are not to be naive and childlike anymore. You have the knowledge now, a mature knowledge that is ready to be turned into wisdom. You're not done yet. It's not over. Get in there and mix it up.

Let's do an exercise in black and white here. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. By not walking away from something, you cannot walk toward something. By remaining uni-focused and unyielding in your speculation, you are not seeing everything else that is teeming around you. By keeping yourself locked up from full consciousness, you don't get to ride that pent up energy like the pro surfer that you are. No hanging ten. No endless summer. "Pent up" is key here Scorpions. Your poisoned tail is about to sting you on the head. It's all going to crash down. And it needs to. Don't fear it. That's the antidote to the poison. It's all happening to release you. So let it. You will be ok, even better, in the end.

This past full moon and eclipse polished off the last remnants of an outgrown skin. And it wasn't an easy one to shed. You were shown exactly how you are too stubborn, precisely how you limit your intake of your own personal emotions and accurately how you instinctually keep yourself above the frey by feigning naivety. Taking that medicine wasn't easy. Might even have been painful. But as a fellow sag, I can also attest to how liberating it all can be. Like getting a knock on the head that puts it all into place! So let all the lessons sink in. Make them a part of you. Drop the natural intention to tread water to save your life and go under and swim with it to experience life. You'll find that you can in fact breathe under there. This is just a maturing that was destined to happen. You're right on schedule. You aren't leaving behind the thrill of adventure, you are actually deepening your experience of it. Hey wait. That DOES sound good. CANNONBALL!!!