June 18, 2013

Transformation is the name of the game. It's undergoing and potent in its power. Feel that build up tension? Yeah, that's the butterfly about to burst forth from Her cocoon. And now, feel that resistance in the air? Like an invisible wall? Yeah, just ignore that. It's a trickster vibe out to delude and confuse. Everyone and everything will be coming out of the woodwork to slow you down, block your way. People you left behind for good reason, bill collectors, nuisances that will not leave you alone... If they are beating you down, it's not that you are just that unlucky right now. Nope. It actually means you are on the right track. WE ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. So turn away from them without another thought and just sit tight. This cocoon is going to blow wide open and those on the right side of Light will all benefit. So keep the faith and follow that beacon all the way to the finish line. Collectively, we are powerful.

Below find some practical advice for the week leading up to the Super Moon. 

Earth, dirt, soil, humus, sediment. Whatever you call it, make it your friend. Plant a seed in some dirt. Get soil under your nails, embedded in between your toes. Smell the wonderful perfume of it. it will release tensions and make you feel calmer.

Be aggressive. Look straight at what is in front of you and attack it. Don't overthink it, just do it. That task just needs to be scratched off that list. That person that is bringing you down, tell them the truth of it. This is how you find your balance. Speak, and do exactly what you know to be your truth and don't think twice about how it will be received or (mis)understood.

Firm up your boundaries. You are your own protector, so shields up. Decide who is inside that circle with you and then stick to it unapologetically. Go with your gut on this. Even if you can't articulate why someone isn't a part of your realm, just go with it. This includes businesses and ideas. It if doesn't fit into your puzzle, leave it out.

You need to intake joy like a hummingbird intakes nectar. Suck it in. Suck more in. Keep moving on getting your nourishment from that which gives you joy. Don't forget how happiness, a good time and pleasure can enhance a complexion, mood, demeanor and outlook. Flit about more with delight and leave the sourpuss behind.

Where's your foundation, your solid base on which to build? Pay attention to those nitpicky details that might not be sexy but are pretty darn important in their utilitarianism. You don't want your house falling down because you didn't put in enough nails. Each component is necessary, don't shortchange or underestimate each step. Do it slowly and put in that extra effort to do it right and no wolf can blow down your house.

Stop playing dead. 'Cause you aren't yet. Get out, mix it up. Do Things. Whatever/Whoever you are hiding from by keeping your self to your self, pretending, wearing that mask, isn't being fooled anyway. You're more hurting yourself and you're own situation. Correct your stance of retreat and get in the game.

This isn't actually the best time for self-reflection. too much time bathing in the waters of your deepest self can lead to over-saturation of ego. You can get a little bit more lost instead of finding yourself. So take yourself out, dry yourself off and let your skin de-wrinkle. Be more extroverted. Be with people, watch a movie, go out to dinner. Refresh yourself in this way in preparation for the next inevitable dip.

History, especially your own personal history is a necessary meandering at this juncture. Dive into it. Look into your past, ancestral history. Listen to the stories. Hear the undercurrent of truth that is there. Travel back in time and pay attention the patterns that are created. Allow yourself to make connections from then and now. There is a heck of a lot of wisdom to be taken in and transmuted.

Imagine you are a big, oversized giant of a person moving around in a teeny tiny world. You'll have to move more deliberately this way. Take in the view and figure out beforehand how you will have to move. Assess what temperament will be necessary to navigate each leg of your trip--gentle and relaxed, to move with ease and great care or maybe with more muscle and strength required. Be wise in how you interact with your surroundings, including the people that live there.

"What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Be very careful about what you do and say. Each action and expressed thought is a thread that can either be woven into a pleasing and serving pattern that enhances your existence or they can accumulate, tying you into knots and hanging you where you stand. Be aware of your trail of threads. Don't be caught in your own web like a fly to be supper.

Whatever is happening--whatever chaos, grief, bliss, reward you are experiencing--be wholly and completely with it, it is a part of your sacred path. It is movement on that path. So don't blockade it or try to hold on too tightly to it. Go with it and let it pass. Where you end up is the right place for you to be.

Act. Move. Do. Wield. Strive. Make. Construct. Build. Exact. Make it all happen. No more meek and mild, we're talking about moving forward and taking all the actions to do so. You've prepared for this. You know the steps. Now, just do them. Rock it.