July 25, 2013

With a shift in sun sign comes a shift in attitude for us all. We've been swimming in our depths all through Cancer, lingering and just getting used to the way it feels to stay submerged, simmering in our own juices, being completely saturated by our personalities, characteristics, individualities. Now it is low tide. VERY low tide. The full Moon has pulled back our downy comforter and exposed all to the cool air and the bright sun. We now stand admist our treasures that lay visible where they were once safely hidden. The shore is farther away than we expected. We swam out farther than we realized. Good. We are perfectly positioned to take the slow, long walk back through our exposed inner landscape. Walk softly, careful not to break what lays still hidden, shallowly buried in the wet sand. There is no rush. Inspect all that is laid out, dislodge that partially glistening treasure winking at you in the light. Take what souvenirs seem right. Leave behind the detritus to be swallowed forever by the rising sea.


Your attitude is to be one of freshness and openness. Regard everything as a welcome gift--something you have always wanted. Even if you think that what you are handed is gaudy, cheap, too bedazzled. Take it and warmly say thanks. Use whatever is given to you as inspiration to create with it. It's the beginning of a design for you to manifest. It is simply the jumping off point--a device to take you in other less natural directions. Cut yourself loose and use that spark to guide your inner creativity. Just get moving with it and see where you end up. No more sitting on your laurels. Do and make. No ration, just passion.

Slow down, where's the fire? Heed instead that nagging desire for quiet contemplation. you need solitude, pure and simple. There's a plethora of "stuff" to go through and it's not your laundry, interesting libations, pictures, music, chit-chat or problems of friends, the grocery store trip that turns into a full day of errands. That's all a facade. See that action for what it is~a barrier. So step around it, lay down and close your eyes and dream. Listen to some rad music and drift in to yourself. Your inside DJ is spinning just for you. You only need to listen. Drop out and tune in to the funky beat.

Simple instructions for you fish: Stop regulating, controlling, parsoning what big wave, spiritual transmissions are coming in. Your intellect is causing all the trouble here. It's negating what a part of you wants to see as a SIGN by rationalizing it all away. What a great disservice your rational mind is doing to the rest of you. Not partaking in that blissful invitation that pleasantly surprised you because, No, Sorry, I already had plans and a list of things to do in a particular way, is keeping you out of the flow you would so be at home in. Being a judgy mcjudgerson with strict rules and starched shirt is making you miss the fun that would enhance your day to day life. Don't overthink, let yourself go with whatever cah-razy happenstance comes up and see what happens. 

Wondering and worrying about how and when to proceed is keeping you from any movement at all. Just start doing slowly. Go at it with a gentle, let's see what this might bring attitude. You'll find an easy and self-propelling stride this way where each step will take on its own momentum. Soon enough, you'll look up and lo and behold, hours have passed and you've created something entirely new, exciting and satisfying. That deep sense of accomplishment is something you'll always remember too. Then, the next time you're presented with another responsibility, project, fork in the road, you won't have to deal with that same stymied feeling--you'll know exactly what to do. Perfect.

Let there be wiggle room. Let there be cracks and tears. So your hair looks a little disheveled. There's a run in your stocking, a hole in your jeans. The house is a little cluttery and all your chores aren't done. Let it all be as it is. By not trying to keep a too tight hold onto everything you are not in fact giving up control or flying the flag of surrender for all to see. You are simply allowing there to be some necessary breathing room. There's a little instability that needs to be allowed to exist right now. Allow yourself to be ok with any rocky terrain you are on. Have a little faith and trust that the uneven ground is taking you to a more suitable place--that this present is headed to a more balanced future than the past you just left. Keep this all in mind as you teeter forward step by step. Understanding comes after it is all passed.

Here you were, blissfully moving with reckless abandon. Letting all hang out, being available, even vulnerable, to your emotions, dreams and even other people. Then a little dose of reality came in like a bitter pill and stopped you in your tracks. You feel "off", a little uncertain and a bit unsure of where you landed when that sun came up. Don't panic. What's reality anyway? Our minds can make anything seem real. So take a breath and stay sill and give yourself time to gather your wits. Really look at each and every component of your "reality" and see what fits and what doesn't. You can decide what is illusion and what is really real. You can wield your brush in just that powerful way. Don't rush this! Draw your boundaries cleanly and with a firm hand. Create the reality that you want one stroke at a time.

Imagine a fire. When you use those bellows to give that puff of air it grows in brightness and ferocity. Flames leap high and even widen in breadth. Heat and light serve a larger purpose, filling up, nourishing a bigger area. That ember that flies up, liberated, blowing on the wind, alighting to some adventure we know not what. But we delight in its movement all the same. You are the bellows AND the fire. You are also that ember. Put ALL your energy into the endeavor that gives you warmth and brightens your spirit. Move with that supreme confidence and DO IT. No holding back. You've got the consciousness guiding your steps. Own it and start moving on it. The rest of us will delight in your freedom and sense of adventure just as you do. So come alive!


Two's company, three's a crowd. And you already know this. So be brave and vulnerable at the same time and speak that truth. You want some one on one time? Say so. You don't want to do the whole group thing? Don't. You want it to be just you and yourself? Make it so, Number One. it really is that simple. You don't have to offer any long-winded explanations. In fact, it will dilute your power-from-within move by doing so. And you certainly don't have to massage any one's fragile ego to make them feel better about your decision. If they feel slighted, it's not your problem. Being able to voice your desires is key, so start practicing it now. Simple statements without reasons attached. Give to yourself in this way and you'll soon find you are feeling more whole and less divided (in energy, mind and spirit) in no time. You'll actually get addicted to the feeling. THIS is the addiction you want to feed.

You have been enjoying a world of freedom. Dancing and moving like you have it all, the world as your oyster. And it is! This has been wonderful and I'm extremely glad for you that you have experienced life in this footloose and fancy-free way. Be grateful and smile and have no regrets! And then turn to what is happening in your world now. You are coming into a time of change. It would serve you to slow down the dancing and stop to take a moment to take stock of your current landscape. To be honest, there's a reversal of fortune coming. Some cups will be spilled. But it's not something to dread or fear. You are being given time to prepare for the world order rising on the horizon. So simply stop and look and wait. Keep future plans to a minimum for the moment. Use this time to get loose ends squared away. Let the transition begin and see exactly what you are dealing with. And, my earthy friends, know that it will be ok. These types of changes, while they seem chaotic and even like punishments, they are the pushes (albeit forceful) from the universe to evolve. This is always good. And the transition is just that--a switch that is temporary. Learn all you can from this one and you can limit these particular kinds of future lessons.

Whatever you have been through has plopped you down right smack in the middle of Oz and you're still trying to get your bearings. This is your new home, a technicolor blaze of adventure. Don't wish to click your ruby reds to fly away back to the black and white land from which you just escaped. That would be a tragic misuse of vital energy. Instead give yourself plenty of time here to get used to your new surroundings and the interesting new inhabitants. Whatever tornado brought you to this place, see it as a gentle push on the back to where you needed to be. You are now in a place where you can be uplifted and healed. A balance is being exacted in your life and you are a very important part of that. You hold the scales in your hands. You are in charge now. And the way to get your wits about you is to start acting like the boss. Even if it feels strange and you aren't exactly sure of what you are dictating as ruler of the land. Be your own wizard now. It is time and why you are here.

You're riding high on your horse, but are you certain of your direction? This isn't to make you doubt yourself. Oh no. Only to widen your perspective and allow for a divine guiding light to shine through. In your case, part of your instructions from the universe is to think about yourself. Yes, that's what Ayn Rand and I both said. Your feeling of responsibility to others is coming from a place of habit and quite honestly, ego. You protect others when you should, at this moment, use that energy to protect yourself. Being solid and rigid in a particular stance may give others what they need to flourish in this moment of present time but it's actually fleeting growth for them, and lasting diminishment of progress for you. So get off your high horse, tether her to a post. She will stay put and wait for you. See the forest for the trees. You are missing a sign tacked there designating a new trail head that is yours alone to travel. It's a divinely mapped out course, yours for the taking.


Be disciplined and clear with what you are doing and where you are going Archers. Just as if you were staring down your arrow to envision the bull's eye target off in the distance. When you are so sharply honed in and focused like this, your movement will feel like a walking meditation. And you'll receive what you need as you go, i.e. your tank will never feel empty and the provisions for your travel will always be at the ready. You actually feel ready don't you? You feel taught and poised just like that arrow about ready to let fly. So let go and do. It'll be swift and effortless moving if you always keep your eye focused on your clear purpose up to and until the very moment the target is reached.