August 3, 2013

It's ending as beginning as we come full circle. How to move and in what direction becomes the question of the moment. And it's a grand, decisive moment to be sure. Continuing in one direction will keep us on a hamster wheel path--that full circle becoming a trap. Or we recognize the well-trodden road on which we are walking for the sign that it is--that we are walking in loops, not really getting anywhere. Notice how familiar the path has become. Notice how the leader you have been following never strays from his footfalls, platitudes, binding doctrines. Keep on this path, opting for comfort? Or veer off into the out-of-bounds and etch out a new way of living, being, thinking. You can skip on the surface like a stone or you can sink down into a wondrous world of delight waiting to be discovered. To be bold or not to be bold, that is the question.


 It's never too late to renegotiate that contract, take back what you gave without thinking and make right what you allowed to stay wrong all this time. It is within your power to break all the bonds that keep you from striking out and exact the rightful balance where you are on par with "else". Focus your energies to make it happen. Pull back from all the anxiety and worrying and channel all that delightful fire into loosing yourself from your cocoon. Fight and push your way free from this tight stance you've held for way too long. There isn't any one holding you there, you are your only jailer. So free your mind and let your body follow.

Remember how it feels to be out on a dancefloor twirling around getting dizzy and then stopping to marvel at the scene in front of you with a whoooaaaa, that's cool, attitude. Do that now. Stop the movement you've been in for just a moment and see where you are. Really see the landscape of your current position. See the beauty of it. All its glory in all the small details and larger expanse alike. Don't try and capture it through a camera lens. That is part of your movement and takes you OUT of the moment. Just be with it. Why do the dance if you don't get this moment to drink all the effects in? Now see this reality (one you haven't fully acknowledged yet) as your lamp to guide you. Hold close to you this light of wonder and keep yourself warm with the brightness of what is real that gives you joy in your heart. All else can drop away, turn to rubble and the truth (not the people, things...the TRUTH) of what brings you to life will remain, never to be diminished or forgotten. Keep this wisdom with you as you are asked to move forward this week with a lighter burden.

Whether it is in your waking life or your dream world that you are being pursued by a large scary beast, take this advice. Stop running away and stand your ground. Look right into the eyes and mouth of that animal and see the soul of it. There in that perspective is a wide world of pure knowledge. You can learn much of the situation, other participant (man, beast or elusive fear) and oh so much of who you are--the deep down you. This is all a revelation to be experienced as it turns the tides in the way that you will see exactly what you bring to the table in all its radiance and with no mistake. The situation you are running from also can get resolved with all this understanding and leave you on a higher plane in the process. 

There is a lot of ups and downs right now. The landscape is changing and you've been weathering this particular storm by getting up on your horse and using a fierce gallop to match your movement to that of the world around you. This way the horizon doesn't bobble in and out of view right? You dip and rise in your saddle and keep all on an even keel, yes? As a coping mechanism, its time has passed. You can stop this hurtling along now. You are missing quite a bit by moving so methodically. And, what's more, you know that. Which is why you prod your horse on to keep metronome-like time. Go ahead and whoa Nellie and take a breather on the open plain. Let sink in what scares you. You're given it more of a reputation by fearing it then it really has. Uncross your arms from over your heart and take it all in like a drink of water from your leather pouch, cowboy. You'll be revived and you'll find yourself gliding along and out of the hot desert you've been riding like a bat out of hell in.

Put down the tools of your trade, lean back, look up and take a breath. You've been too focused on the work itself and haven't been allowing yourself to see what you are accomplishing. The assembly-line attitude can come to a screaming halt. Take one of the shiny things you made and sit with just it. Just the one. Hold it in your lap and take in all its tiny details. The intricacies. Look at it from different perspectives. See it not as a thing but as an extension of you. When you do this, a new honed awareness will come to you. A "knowing" will find its way in through the curves and outlines of what you are able to create. And with this new corrected vision you wear like new glasses, you'll look up and see your position in space and time quite differently. A bigger and better picture view you'll have, grasshopper. And you can use that to freshen up your current state of being.

Remember as a kid, taking your cup up to the soda fountain and filling it up with all the options, mixing them into one fabulous and mysterious concoction--sometimes lovely, sometimes cringeworthy? Imagine now that is what you are doing in your daily life. Your body is the cup and you are allowing everything in and out without regulation. Whether it's food, drink, other people's thoughts, emotions, advice and influences, you are getting your fill to not so pleasing effects. So shut it down. Make a point to let in only what comes to you in a perfectly balanced energetic interaction. Be discriminating. And be lofty in what makes the cut. Set that bar high and if something or someone doesn't pass muster, then they aren't allowed in. You'll go from frazzled airhead to victor riding high in no time. You are your own protector. learn to shield yourself now from unwanted energies.

Congratulations, you've been able to find solace and happiness by turning away from attitudes, people, tendencies that were not serving you. You turned your back and kept yourself vigilant in this stance and got over a big hump. Feel good about that. Pat yourself on the back. As you do, you might still feel something there, pressing up against you. Yes, what you turned your back on, is still lurking. Ignoring it served a purpose as that action got you to this place where now you have all the tools to understand it. You've made it over the first hurdle and that's to be applauded--you know you don't need to keep feeding the monster. Now to make this bliss lasting and get that monkey off your back for good, you have to look at it. Know it. Figure out why you were drawn to it in the first place. This is a longer road but one that must be traveled to be fully free. Your will got you this far, now put that will to use by facing your demons and taking away their power.


You are living a bartender's dream. You have all the top-shelf liquors at your disposal and you've been given carte blanche to invent the libation menu. All that you wish to attain is at your disposal in their single-state elements. You have only to work the alchemy and be the wizard to combine all the ingredients to achieve the greatest effect. Look around you. There is nothing in your way. You have all that you need as far as materials, energy, time and lightbulb inventiveness. You simply have to have the faith now and make the leap. That's the pixie dust to make the magic all come together. It's time and you are ready. Jump.

Get down in the much of your own internal landscape, your creative core from where all intuition and magic stems. There's a fruitful garden there. One that gives sustenance to you and could also sustain others. Don't try and hide your wealth, no pruning of the fertile crops that could feed so many. Don't hold back. What is your truth is needed in the world. So move confidently out there and leave a wake of your plentiful seeds culled from your own tender swath of land. Strew them about and leave that trail for others to follow. What you have needs to be sown. Let your freak flag fly. Be wacky. Let your outside persona match your internal fruitcake. Go out there and be open with you are because, newsflash, you are the one that knows what's up and has it all together. Not the other way around.

The way up off your knees is to sit back. Roll back on to your heels, feel the knees lift. Pull back with your body all that forceful energy you were putting out and let it propel you off the ground. Now take a few steps backward. One foot by one foot, step back until your vantage point is broad and your gaze is wide. Breathe in the fresh air--really breathe...pull it all the way into your abdomen and let bubble up the emotion on the exhale. Hold your hands out and catch the free-falling wave as it escapes you. Don't move, don't flinch, don't look up for something else to capture your attention. This is a necessary watering of your overly dry earth. This is how you stay up off of your knees and are in charge of your own land--no sharecropping allowed any more. Let your heart overflow with desire and yearning and stay in that moment until you emerge more fully whole than before.

Pulling yourself in and becoming master of your domain is helping to turn the tides in some wonderful ways. Keep up that posture. And add to it a new component--studious discernment. Look all about you and see what is necessary to go with you and what is merely eye-candy. You don't need all the adornment on your person or in your environment--Just what is your magic. Classify your surroundings in this way. Cut loose what can go and begin to detach yourself from your tethers. Lighten that load on your back because you aren't simply a statue in your own space either. You aren't stone. You are supple flesh and rich blood. Doing this opens you up to the rainbow slide coming your way in the game of Life that is actually Chutes and Ladders, where the chutes take you to different dimensions and not just down or back. Your shuttle is approaching, get yourself ready. 


Too much crying over the spilt milk, Sags. Seriously. You forgot in your weepy state that you don't even drink milk. You prefer the Almond, Hemp, Coconut alternatives anyway, remember? As soon as you let that consciousness settle in, you'll remember too that you were the one that gave the order to kick over the jars in the first place. And you'll also realize that nothing is missing, we're simply correcting the trajectory of your forward movement. Oh yeahhhhh!, you say. Smile and turn, drying your eyes and face that adventure you deserve and crave. let that childlike effervescence build a bit more. No need to rush headlong into the breach just yet. Take a minute to let this new enlightened state you are being presented with to get used to you and you to it. Contrary to what you may think, you haven't been exactly HERE before. So relish this moment and fuel yourself with vigor as you hang. This breather will help curtail the mind's action that wants to rile you all up in nerves rather than focus itself into a sharp sword to eventually cut yourself loose from your hanging perch. That sword is yours, no one elses, and you'll cut yourself down as soon as you allow yourself to really honestly see that. It's a wide open, sky's the limit propitious pause. Liberte!