August 14, 2013

With all that is flying around out there in the ether, it has been feeling more comfortable to hunker down and wrap ourselves up and away from the onslaught of "stuff". But this actually makes for more energy wasted in the long run. Time to invite ourselves to step back down into the swirling dust and sit like princesses and princes surrounded by their fervent court. Sit and watch all from your seat. Let it ALL exist in and around you, take the perspective of Knower and Seer of all. Observe everything and sift through it like grains. Separate the wheat from the chaff. Decide the jesters from the consigliari. Take responsibility for the world first by being critical of your own personal purview. What's real and what's the fantasy. It is worth this effort. Get to put to bed for GOOD the things that you no longer need. The lies--be them white or baldfaced. Touch upon the teacher inside of you that can finally be set free when the barriers are eradicated.


Dancing and frolicking now gets more than just your feet moving. Finding your cadence and joy in the movement creates a dancefloor out of the entire world. This celebratory way of approaching all of life's circumstances builds up a forward momentum that not only gets you to new and exciting places within your daily, mundane tasks, it brings along a direct consciousness that propels your spirit into a whole new awareness. This is actually how you feel more secure, confident and safe. Move and twirl and learn the steps as you go. You'll, as a result, find more form and gain a better grip on what you're trying to keep with you with the centrifugal force working FOR you not against you.

Medicine Card and magic number: Otter, 8

Find that larger comprehension of the world around you by turning away from the window and streetscenes and bowing your head into a book, journal, any activity that brings along with it a solitude and quality alone time. And don't overthink the activity or the object you pick up. Your intuition is being the guide here, not your intellect. Whatever excerpt you read out of that magazine, newspaper or thousand page novel will be speaking to you in very overt ways. All you have to do is pay attention. By pulling yourself in this way you accomplish two things. 1-allow your physical body to calm and ground and 2-thus giving your subtle body permission to release a certain truth you've been holding at bay. Give yourself the time to be an introvert and you'll receive more illumination then that street lamp outside can give. 

Medicine Card and magic number: Raven, 7
Recall the book Dune. The Bene Gesserit had a strict protocol that Lady Jessica was to follow. She did not do so and gave birth of the new messiah. Not even with the Fremen on the desert planet, Arrakis, did good ol' LJ follow their so let it be written, so let it be done rules. She drank the potent waters of life while pregnant, successfully transmuting their poison and also passing on great wisdom to her unborn child. These actions helped set a people free. These righteous acts helped free their minds and get them off their begging knees and back into an independent, liberated position--masters of their own lives. This is your story. You are to be as rebellious as Lady J. Do not continue to remain stuck because you are beholden to a restrictive doctrine dictated to you by someone or thing else. Follow your own counsel-solely-and with this higher wisdom and just see how successful you feel and how productive you become...and possibly, as happy side-effect, seeing blossom a much needed revolution to the bigger picture realm in which we all labor.

Medicine Card and magic number: Snake, 6
Alter your perspective a bit. Don't see your ego as your enemy. Instead, embrace it's strength and fortitude. You need that bravado to help you make a very necessary and hopefully permanent change. So turn your spirit up a notch, tilt that chin up, stick it out and walk like you know exactly what you are doing. Because you do know exactly what or who it is that you should walk away from. Use your fire as tender to stoke the coal furnace on the train you are engineering out of the past and into a new, less-burdened future. Travel this way, leave behind what you don't want with a clear conscience and honed eyes trained ahead of you. It's the fake it until you make it approach. And for you in this instance, it is what is required to dislodge you from being stuck and rip off the bandaid to find the healing you deserve.

Medicine Card and magic number: Fox, 7
The sunflower is your totem. In Italian they are called Girasole--which translates to Turn to the sun. This is for you to do this week. Keep your face facing the warmth of the sun's rays. Soak it up and let it stir your spirit into action. Start that endeavor you've been mulling over. Begin an entirely new project out of your typical oeuvre. Go for it. Wherever the sun leads, you follow. Don't sit and mope in the shade. Be alive, move with an electricity in your veins. Don't ponder over the consequences, outcomes or finished products. It's the doing that is important. You've been dreaming for long enough, put some of that magic into action!

Medicine Card and magic number: Crow, 6

Staying on track is key this week. The way to keep on keeping on is to remember patience is a virtue. After the obligatory eye-roll inserted here, let this old adage melt below your hard surface so you can more fully appreciate what it offers. Having patience means inherently being calm, certain, grounded and feeling confident, secure and supported. We're not talking about sitting and twiddling thumbs and watching the clock for time to pass and the roast to be done in the oven. This is your chance to put your will to a more focused use--cultivating that centeredness, creating that confidence. Turn your efforts into this, discovering a new enlightened state and your own healing. Let the project your working on cook a while on its own, undisturbed while you turn towards that "else". Before you know it the timer will DING and you'll have the result you desired and you'll not be the worse for wear.

Medicine Card and magic number: Ant, 5

It is time for a retreat. A vacation that takes you nowhere but away from overstimulation and into your self. Thing a monk's monastery life--no talking, no distraction, nothing that takes you out of your self. Your self is the place to be. Your self as in your soul. You are being asked to do some thoughtful digging into your own psyche. You've been detached from your self for far too long. Your physical body can't take it anymore. Dis-ease is setting in and all your symptoms are clear markers to you of the direction of your inner journeying. It's time to face deleterious habits and follow them to your healing. Stopping the motion of your daily life is the first step. Make it a priority to extract yourself from society and sit solely with your own person. you will be guided to a better way of being and living and given indications of what work is required to manifest your wellness.

Medicine Card and magic number: Butterfly, 9.

If you are feeling caught up in a web like a fly, know that it is at least one your own making. Admitting that and letting this painful awareness fully set in is going to be the hardest part of extracting yourself from the sticky trap, I guarantee. So don't shy away from this knowledge. You've seen this awareness on the fringes like a spider on the web. So just drop the facade and give into it. This is the way to getting back into a more sustainable balance--in yourself and with others in your life. Let pieces of your imaginary fortress fall to the ground. Dismantle it brick by brick. Break the cycle you are in by letting the light that is seeping in through the cracked foundations come pouring in in all its glory! Bring in that fresh air and divine illumination! You have to face the elephant in the room. See it for what it is and your part in placing it there and you'll feel lighter with being liberated from this self-constructed prison. Truth is black and white sometimes. Let that truth live now. 

Medicine Card and magic number: Spider, 7

"You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, round, round." Sing or hum this to yourself as you go through the week. You are the DJ. You are taking the turntable in hand and wicky wicky wickying your way into a new reality. So attack this occupation with relish and let your creativity soar. Public Enemy with the Mammas and the Pappas? Why not? Mesh them together as you see fit. The joy in putting seeming disparate things together to create something wholly new and vibrant is the point of this exercise and then some. Yeah, you'll be having a great time, but you'll also be tapping into and pulling from a deep creative pool inside of you. Without any extra thought or effort on your part, you'll be priming that well and pumping forth a thirst-quenching elixir that will nourish the seed you want to plant. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what seed that is just yet. This too, I'm told, will burble up from the depths like a gold nugget. You need only concentrate on getting Ol' Faithful ready to blow. The Eureka! will happen organically.

Medicine Card and magic number: Blue Heron, 9.

Keep your eyes peeled, your intuition keen and look for your specific message coming to you. This harbinger might take any form so remaining open and available is the best approach for you. You are getting an invitation to unseat yourself. Shake off the crusty caked earth cementing you into place. You've been luxuriating in your garden, enjoying what fruit it has been bearing but not really paying attention to what wasn't thriving. Well, it's time. You are to be unsettled so that you can do the active work to clear out the weeds, what is throttling the new and varied growth--i.e. what is holding you back. You can't subsist on only one kind of crop--health and wellness comes from partaking of diverse nourishment. So see this pivotal moment as an engraved invitation into paradise here on earth. It'll be great for you at the end of the road. I promise.

Medicine Card and magic number: Hawk, 2.
Instead of seeing "detachment" as an exhausting action to be employing, take the stance that it is cool to be this chill. See what I did there? By assuming this stance as in "taking this perspective" you'll also be embodying quite effortlessly and most completely the exact stance as in "posture" that is required of you! Wasn't that fun? Like a silly play on words, have a little fun with this instruction you're being given. Embrace it, don't act it. Just be it. You're Joe Cool. You don't know how to be aloof? Shrug it off and turn your head--HA! Instant Aloofness achieved! Getting the picture? The end result of all this delicious chillin' is that you'll open up a channel heretofore clogged by all your over-exertion. With this clear conduit comes some aha inspiration. With a sniff you'll say, "S'up?" And when the instructions come you'll respond with a "yeah, right on". Then you'll turn, pop your collar and be on your divine way following the path laid out for you with a simple '"I'm out. Catch you all on the flipside."

Medicine Card and magic number: Black Panther, 7.


Congratulations, you've successfully retrieved some of your "knowing." As a result most of that chaotic turmoil you felt embroiled in as you were looking for those glistening shards has dissipated. Most of it. Even as you still feel unsure, even as your feet are still covered in a thick marshy ooze, it's time to start out, make some moves forward. It is perfectly ok that you aren't completely confident as to every step ahead of you yet. Focus on one footfall at a time. Keep yourself concentrating on one task or project until it's done. Move to the next task or project as it is presented. This is methodical movement that gets you more than just farther down the road. It is also a harnessing of energy that gives you more energy as you go. See yourself as a resident in a work-study program. Each project is a learning experience of itself and part of a larger equation whose sum is greater than its parts--You are getting in more proportional balance with your higher wisdom, fully connecting with this internal guidance system and getting your steady groove back, Stella. That's a result well worth the time and effort.

Medicine Card and magic number: Horse, 8.