August 21, 2013

The fully waxed moon leaves us shiny and clear. Rotund and saturated. I'm not talking "full with clarity". No. The conscious awareness will come later. We are simply FULL. Like a pot stewing on the stove, we see our insides coming to the top like the boiling vegetables. Simmering up, breaching the surface, turning over, glistening with the wet and then tumbling back to the depths being replaced by others. It's all brewing now. It's all been pushed out and can now exist. Be. Only it feels like too much? There are too many ingredients? And what's more, they don't work well together...their combinations are not welcome ones. Before we can partake of this nourishing broth, before we can be satisfied, we will have to  let some parts boil away, evaporate, disintegrate into nothing. We will be left with what is real and we will be lighter for this process. Lighter in body as well as in demeanor. Happier. More lilting in our movement. This process of discriminating is not a mental one. Intellectualizing will keep your pot roiling and bubbling over with excess. Honestly, the way to emerge intact from this phase of self-sifting is to hop into the pot and swim around in it, touching and palpitating all. Fill your senses with what IS. Only then will the KNOWING reach you. You will know what is the lie, what is real, what is the GMO ingredient, what is organic through and through. An individual process of self-retrieval. Others cannot do this elimination for you. The cook book instructions can only take you so far. You have to be the chef. You have to be the one in charge. This is a particular and potent recipe of your own making. 

There is support however. Always support. Just as in the back of a cookbook you will find a table of equivalents, a list of possible substitutions to guide you in your kitchen choices, below you will find tips selected for you to allow you to feel more tangibly that divine support available. Begin to see it all around you. Use these tidbits as directions to face, where you will find your roadsign, your nudging, your hug, your confirmation, your validation. Beginning to take charge of your life need not be troublesome. Allow in the support that is there and wielding your magic wand in your own life becomes easier, more electrifying and charging rather than scary and uncertain. 

Look to your animal totem, see your crystal, feel your chakra point and let all speak to you in new ways. Only you will know what they mean from what it is and when they reveal themselves to you. Let your intuition guide you to this. See the omens around you. You won't be lost, you are allowing yourself to be found. Open up to "possibility".


Crystal:      Carnelian
Chakra:       Sacral
Totem:        Armadillo
Planet:        Venus & Saturn
Element:     Fire
Number:      13
Goddess:     Venus
Yoga Pose:  Warrior II - emphasis on lifting up through the root lock (base of pelvis)

Crystal:      Pyrite
Chakra:      Solar Plexus
Totem:       Bat
Planet:        Saturn & Mars
Element:     Water
Number:      1
Goddess:     UkeMochi
Yoga Pose:  Cat & Cow flow - continual movement on the breath 
Crystal:      Garnet
Chakra:      Heart
Totem:       Turtle
Planet:        Jupiter, Neptune & Venus
Element:     Fire
Number:      11
Goddess:     Rhiannon
Yoga Pose:  Cobra, Sphinx, or Up Dog - hold and breathe through it  

Crystal:      Fluorite
Chakra:      Crown
Totem:      Raven
Planet:        Mercury
Element:     Air (specifically notes on the air, i.e. sound)
Number:      3
Goddess:     Juno
Yoga Pose:  Staff pose - keep crown of head parallel to sky, hold pose, close eyes and breathe through top of head 

Crystal:      Black Opal
Chakra:      Base
Totem:       Buffalo
Planet:        Jupiter
Element:     Water
Number:      2
Goddess:     Yemana
Yoga Pose:  First few moves of Sun Salutation A - Flow through them repeatedly: Inhale arms up overhead, exhale forward fold, inhale flat back, exhale forward fold, inhale all the way up, arms overhead, Repeat.

Crystal:      Elbaite (Pink Tourmaline)
Chakra:      Base
Totem:       Weasel
Planet:        Saturn
Element:     Air
Number:      12
Goddess:     Oya
Yoga Pose:  Tree pose - breathe through sole of foot

Crystal:      Sapphire
Chakra:      Throat
Totem:       Whale
Planet:        Sun
Element:     Air, Earth
Number:      6
Goddess:     Kuan Yin
Yoga Pose:  Janu Sirsasana - Focus on opening up throat towards foot as you tilt forward into stretch, hold and breathe

Crystal:      Hemimorphite
Chakra:      Throat
Totem:       Hawk
Planet:        Sun, Pluto
Element:     Earth (specifically wildlife)
Number:      7
Goddess:     Gaia
Yoga Pose:  child's pose - alternate forehead to ground and chin to ground (peering out beyond extended arms, breathe through each variation)

Crystal:      Spirit Quartz
Chakra:      Heart
Totem:       Mouse
Planet:        Jupiter
Element:     Fire
Number:      3
Goddess:     Inanna
Yoga Pose:  Warrior I - arms in reverse namaste behind your back, chest, throat and face lifted towards sky, hold and breathe

Crystal:      Aragonite
Chakra:      Solar Plexus
Totem:       Squirrel
Planet:        Mercury
Element:     Air
Number:      4
Goddess:     Isis
Yoga Pose:  Boat (Navasana) Flow - Inhale extend body out (nothing but sits bones touching the floor), exhale pull body back up to boat using the core muscles, keep moving and breathing 
Crystal:      Indicolite
Chakra:      Crown
Totem:       Crow
Planet:        Neptune
Element:     Fire (from natural heatsource, i.e. sun's rays)
Number:      18, 9
Goddess:     Tara
Yoga Pose:  Tripod (frogstand) - Feel top of head grounding into earth as knees pull up into underarms, hold yourself inverted, lifting up through sits bones and balls of feet and breathe. For advanced practice, pull up into crow from this position. 

Crystal:      Copper
Chakra:      Base
Totem:       Raccoon
Planet:       Mars, Pluto, Uranus
Element:     Earth (i.e. fertility of)
Number:      1
Goddess:     Athena
Yoga Pose:  Corpse pose, knees bent, feet engaged with ground, breathe (allow knees to slowly windshield wiper to either side keeping feet securely engaged with ground if breath moves you this way)